Does Having The Best Make You The Best?

Some people need to have the best of everything: The biggest and fanciest home on the block, the prettiest flowers in their garden, and the most up-to-date SUV in their driveway. 

Such individuals can only have jobs that suit them; they’ll be lawyers, doctors, or most likely some type of professional, or perhaps an entrepreneur. They’ll usually try their absolute hardest to get into college. When they get older, they’ll only agree to get the best mobility scooters for adults, the most updated wheelchair, and other such top notch modern medical devices. 

They will never deign themselves to send their children to less than the best private schools, and they would never dream of getting a purse that wasn’t brand name. Only the ideal will do for these people. These people will sometimes even give their kids lessons, such as art or music classes, when the kid isn’t even interested, because it’s “good for their image.”

Now, just to clarify: Who sees their image? Who are they doing this all for? Let’s put this honestly: These people may just have low self-esteem. Instead of being happy with who they are as people, they need to prove to themselves and others that they’re better than the rest. 

Alternatively, if we were to try to judge these people favorably, we can presume that perhaps they’re simply living this way because if they can, why not? 

So, perhaps that’s the story. These people simply don’t care much about anyone else in the world, so don’t care to raise the standards. Realize that if all of these perfectionistic people must have the best of everything as much as is possible, the standards will be raising perpetually. A gets new car, B needs better one, so A must get better one…

It’s a rat race. It’s like a hamster on a wheel, trying to get to the top, but the higher one raises the bar, the higher they all will need to reach to set the next style.

Hate it or love it, but face the fact: It’s just the way society works today.