Do Tonsil Stones Ever Go Away? Tips for Curing Tonsil Infection Quickly

If you’ve ever had a tonsil infection (it doesn’t matter which one, they all suck) then you know how annoying they can be. Your throat constantly hurts, you can’t eat anything and it always seems to come back.

Given how distracting their symptoms can be, this could be a big problem. And considering how vulnerable everyone’s tonsils are to harmful bacteria each day (especially during winter), this could be a big problem for lots of people.

A recurring tonsillar infection can causes serious amounts of frustration in some people. Which can make them intolerable around people and very irritable. Making them less likely to engage in or join social situations, they may even be avoided.

Now this would only usually happen over a couple of days, but if it’s recurring (say every couple of weeks) then it could give the person a much poorer social status (because they’re irritable to hang around). Which could lead to less people interacting with them and eventually a lowering of their self-esteem.

This is of course just hypothetical but it could still happen and has likely happened before. I’m sure this isn’t something you don’t want to happen to you so in this article I’m going to explain some remedies you can take advantage of to cure and prevent your infection.

Tonsil stones won’t go away on their own (if it’s recurring) so you’re going to have to take action to get rid of them. If you’ve ever had to deal with on a recurring basis you may be left screaming to yourself “do tonsil stones ever go away!?” and the sad thing is they won’t without your intervention.

Keep Good Care Of Oral Health

This is an obvious one but I feel the need to mention it anyway.

Keeping good care of your oral health is imperative if you want to prevent/cure tonsil infection – or any kind of oral infection for that matter. If you’re not doing so then harmful bacteria will find it very easy to congregate around your gums and throat and begin causing problems.

Not only that but you won’t be incorporating good and helpful bacteria into your mouth to help your immune system fight off infection. Making their occurrence even more likely.

Now this routine will be different for everyone, especially those with special gum conditions. But as a rule of thumb I recommend brushing & flossing 3 times per day and gargling with a mouthwash every day at morning and night.

This clears your mouth out of old food debris, dead cells and whatever else gets stuck between your teeth and gums, and also incorporates that good bacteria to help you fight against infection.

Limit (Ideally Stop) Tobacco/Alcohol Consumption

Both of these substances dehydrate the body which make the fight against oral infection much more difficult.

You see your salvia has a second purpose besides lubricating your food, it also fight off and controls the activity of bad bacteria in your mouth. Therefore it is very important in the fight against infection.

So order to keep it operating at its full capacity you need to stay properly hydrated. Which means limiting the amount of tobacco and alcohol you consume.

Gargle Apple Cider Vinegar

As I said above, you should be supplementing your brushing and flossing with some sort of mouthwashes at least twice per day. Now this does not need to be a commercial mouthwash you can pick up at the shops. There are actually homemade alternatives and I highly recommend you try this.

Apple cider vinegar has many beneficial properties and because of this it’s used to treat many infections and aliments. This includes oral infections making it a very effective remedy for tonsillitis, tonsil stones and the like.

Because of its antibacterial and anti fungal properties, ACV has the ability to fight off bad bacteria that can cause infection. This means by using it on a regular basis, the odds of you every getting infection again a highly reduced, which is why I recommend it so often to those suffering from regular tonsil infection.

Just add 1 tablespoon of ACV to a clean glass of water and begin swirling it around your mouth. As you do so the mixture will clear out the tight spaces between your teeth, the crypts of your tonsils and any other nook or cranny within your mouth of debris and bacteria.

Gargle for about 15 seconds per sip and tilt your head back to it reaches your tonsils. Afterwards rinse with some clean, cold water.

Final Words

So now you know tonsil infections don’t necessarily go away on their own, and that they require your interventions to cure them. By following what I’ve spoken about in this article, I’m positive you’re now more than capable to treat them to the point where they’re not causing you any problems.