Do inversion tables help with neck pain?

An inversion table is a table-like device where you lie at different angles to stretch your neck and back muscles. It is made up of a steel frame with locks and heel holders. There is a bench that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees which would put you pretty much upside down. The purpose is to position your feet higher than your head, reducing the bad effects of gravity and letting gravity work in the opposite direction to help to stretch out those muscles. There are different kinds of inversion tables. There are some made for easy storage while others are pretty heavy-duty. This table is also available in different designs from different brands and manufacturers. But has some of the best inversion tables.

Neck pain is a condition that may be caused by a lot of factors, including stress, injury and poor posture. Inversion therapy can be used to alleviate pain by soothing the muscles and improving circulation on the surrounding neck region. Inversion tables are helpful for people suffering not only from neck pain but back problems as well. Lying upside down will permit gravity to improve the blood flow to the neck and the rest of the upper body, including the back. You know how great it feels to stretch. That is roughly the principle behind the use of an inversion table. Inversion also helps in improving the flexibility and range of motion of the neck muscles. It is also reputed to be helpful in aligning the spine and joints to improve posture.

Before considering an inversion table, check with your professional health care provider. There may be some neck conditions and other medical conditions that could be compromised with using the table. Inversion therapy should be started carefully and slowly. For beginners, the therapy must be done for two to three minutes; once or twice a day for two weeks and the table is inverted on a 20 to 30 degree angle.

The treatment duration is gradually prolonged and the table is gradually inverted to a steeper angle. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.  Placing yourself in a full 180 degree angle is not recommended for the first time, it is best to gradually build up to this tilt. Another thing to bear in mind is to buy an inversion table that is sturdy and stable enough to avoid any accidents. In choosing the best inversion table, consider your size and body weight.

Being placed upside down is a new experience for some; this will for some people make your heartbeat slower while changing your body’s blood pressure. For those who have heart and circulatory problems, this therapy must be done with care.  Medical experts would advise you to first undergo a medical examination before starting an inversion therapy. X-rays and MRI Scans are used to assess and locate the cause of pain. Doctors would also do an examination on the neck to check for any postural problems.  Inversion tables can help to provide neck pain relief, however following the above precautions is important since this will help make the therapy as effective as it can be in treating your neck pain.