Do Gravity Blankets Work?

If you still haven’t heard of gravity or weighted blankets, it only means you’re one of the lucky ones who haven’t experienced sleep disorders, anxiety, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other mental health issue. Visiting doctors and getting medical treatment is the most common way of dealing with these problems but what if you could have something in your home that helps you deal with it? What if you could feel better just by sleeping under a certain type of blanket?

One of the epidemics of our time is definitely insomnia. Did you know that every fourth person in the United States develops insomnia every year? The situation is expected to be similar on the global level. As stress is a major trigger for sleep issues and disorders, scientists have been looking into alternative ways to deal with it to improve the mental health of patients.

Gravity blankets and mental health

Gravity blankets are not as new as you would assume. They have been around for a while now as their first purpose was to help children deal with their mental health problems. When treating children, therapists noticed that gravity blankets stimulate the feeling of being hugged which made them feel more comfortable, protected and finally, in control. Nowadays, gravity blankets are used by both children and adults who want to improve their physical, mental and emotional health by getting quality sleep.

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When you’re sleeping under a gravity blanket, you will experience the same feeling as these children did decades ago. Gravity blankets decrease your need to move during the night, so you will sleep much better than you would without it. When compared to a regular blanket, these ones are heavier due to lead-free glass microbead which adds the weight and produces relaxation.

Sleeping under gravity blanket

Under a gravity blanket, the body feels grounded which results in the feelings of calmness and protection. The more relaxed your body is in the bed, the easier you will fall asleep. Not only that it’s easier to fall asleep with it, but you will also get a better quality of sleep due to that grounded feeling. With better quality sleep and longer sleeping hours, you’re be well rested and better prepared to face the day ahead. However, sleeping or mental health issues are not the only things that gravity blankets can help you with. When looking at the bigger picture, gravity blankets truly improve the quality of your entire life.

If you’re struggling with anxiety or any other mental health issues caused by stress, you should know that these blankets significantly relieve stress and anxiety. By increasing the level of serotonin and melatonin, they make you feel more calm and positive. Nowadays, gravity blankets can even be designed individually so they completely fit you and provide you with an even stronger feeling of protection and comfort.

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Gravity blankets for adults

Even though their first intention was to help children, gravity blankets are the perfect choice for adults as most of the stress-related health problems are experienced later in life. As we all tend to ignore the level of stress we feel on a daily basis, we forget that our body doesn’t ignore it. On the contrary, it stores that stress and forms into a certain type of health issue, whether physical, emotional or mental.

Not dealing with stress immediately can lead to severe problems later in life, such as insomnia, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, digestion problems, weight gain, heart diseases, depression, and so on. That’s why gravity blankets are a great method for adults to deal with stress. The only thing you need to do is sleep under this blanket to see positive effects from it. You don’t need to keep it on your mind constantly or set up reminders for yourself to not forget it. After a long day, you just jump into your bed and let your blanket to do the work.


In today’s lifestyle, it’s almost impossible to avoid stress. We feel it so often we don’t even recognize it anymore, however, our body recognizes it. That’s why it’s vital to frequently help your body feel more relaxed, calm and safer. With gravity blankets, you will feel like that every night you go to sleep. Don’t ignore your health and do something before it’s too late!