Diabetes Freedom Review – Scam by George Reilly & James Freeman?

Diabetes is a cruel disease that literally takes all the sweetness away from one’s life. The majority of patients think that diabetes is an incurable disease, and they believe that they will have to live with it forever. Some diabetics even believe that they can treat it by popping countless pills and taking insulin shots. Well, diabetes is not going to go away with these options.

I admit it is a tough one to beat, but it so possible to get rid of diabetes provided that you follow a strict regimen pertaining to diet as well as lifestyle.

In fact, there is a bright ray of hope for diabetic patients to eliminate it for good. There is a treatment program by George Reilly and James Freeman, which is rightfully named as Diabetes Freedom. And this webpage is all about the Diabetes Freedom review without any bias. I will try my best to keep everything straight and factual.

In this Diabetes Freedom review, you will get a detailed account of this program, like what items are included in this treatment program, how it works, good things and not so good things and conclusion. I hope they review of Diabetes Freedom will help you make an informed decision.

What Is Diabetes Freedom Treatment Program?

Diabetes Freedom is a detailed guidebook that teaches its readers how they can eliminate the basic cause of diabetes and fat called the ceramide compound. Scientists at the University of Utah found in their research that the quantity of ceramide is quite higher in diabetics. Thus, taking this deadly compound out of the indeed makes sense.

How does Diabetes Freedom Work?

This treatment program is based on 3 very simple steps, so it is quite easy to follow. Another great thing is that every step has natural methods and products for the treatment of diabetes. As a bonus, these steps help in reducing weight.

Step # 1 is about Pancreas & Nutrition Plan.

This treatment program helps in reducing white fat cells. Principally, the human body detoxes toxic substances on a daily basis and the function of pancreas gets better, in turn, these processes promote strong regulation of blood sugar levels. However, toxic overload decreases the efficiency of pancreas over time and it is manifested in various disease including diabetes. So, this step strengthens pancreas, which, in turn, decreases the risk of diabetes while it promotes energy levels as well. In addition to reducing white fat, it increases brown fat, which is good for reducing brain fog and improving mood. This step will also help you to suppress hunger and detox body and gut. And the best part is that you will not be asked to stay away from some of your favorite foods and even desserts. In the Diabetes Free treatment program, you will get a series of videos to get information about this complete step.

Step # 2 is about Brown Fat.

In the second step, you will be taught about the ways of reversing diabetes along with symptoms. During this step, you will find methods to boost your body’s metabolic activity. Principally, you can burn fats at a faster pace when you have your metabolism work fast. As a result, you start losing unnecessary fats and get slim. You will find some drinks that can cause you to lower high blood sugar levels in an unhealthy way. Also, you will learn how you can improve energy levels and maintain healthy levels of blood pressure.

Step # 3 is about Planning Mealtimes.

In the third step, you will get information about losing weight in order to boost health on the whole. Thus, this step is mostly about healthy and balanced diet plans.

If you look at other diet plans on the market, most of these diet plans ask you to remove carbs to keep blood sugar levels in a balanced position. The main reason for removing carb is that they are converted into glucose upon entering the body and increase blood sugar levels. Well, this is very simple science, but a balanced diet does not ask you to skip any sort of nutrients completely.

Thus, the creators of Diabetes Freedom, George Reilly and James Freeman, do not ask you to do such a thing. Instead, they allow you to include carbs and sometimes even sweet treats in your diet. The different thing they do is a smart schedule of mealtimes with carbs when they don’t cause the usual damage to diabetics.

George Reilly and James Freeman have shared many tips about smart eating for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. As an added advantage of following these steps, you will have a better sleep time.

What’s included in Diabetes Freedom?

The complete diabetes treatment program is carefully divided into different parts to prevent readers from experiencing information overload.

  • The key program is in .pdf file, namely “Diabetes Freedom Main Manual.”
  • Then we have “Quick Start Accelerator” and “Meal Preparation Guide.”

Then you will find 4 videos which cover the following topics:

  1. Nutritional Guide For Diabetes Type 2
  2. Meal Timing Strategies
  3. Food Shopping Guide
  4. Body Movements

George Reilly seems to be very generous and also offer 3 bonus guidebooks which are as follows:


  1. Stay Young Forever Guide
  2. 33 Powerful Foods for Diabetics Guide
  3. Fat Burning Blueprint Guide

PROS in Diabetes Freedom

  • Since it is a natural treatment program, there aren’t any side effects of it, while it helps in managing blood sugar levels naturally.
  • The treatment program is available for a one-time cost, and there are no hidden charges either.
  • It is a digital product and instantly available or download. So, you don’t need to wait to access the product.
  • The diet plans are varied so you will not be bored od eating the same foods every food. Also, diet plans are very easy to arrange.
  • Along with the treatment of diabetes, you will also be able to lose weight.
  • The best part is that you will get rid of medicine and insulin shots.
  • The medical treatments of diabetes are lifelong, while medicine for a week may cost you 30 to 50 dollars. This complete program is available for just $37.
  • Also, the program is backed up by 60 days.


To be honest, there aren’t any serious bad points about this program. However, there is one thing that may bother some people.

  • It is based on natural methods, and it is a known fact that natural remedies take a bit longer because they eliminate the root cause of disease. So, impatience can be an issue to follow this treatment program.

Is Diabetes Freedom Worth a Try?

Well, I have put everything in front of you right here, so you be the best judge. You can see that George Reilly and James Freeman have delivered a comprehensive treatment program for diabetes, and it is available at a cheap price. On the official website, you must have seen many testimonies in favor. It is indeed worth a try for all diabetic patients out there. In fact, it is eve good for non-diabetics as a preventive measure.

If you follow Diabetes Freedom properly, it will surely help you get you rid of diabetes. All you need to do is to get this program and follow it religiously, and you will soon be free of diabetes.