Dermal Fillers Treatment in Fort Worth, TX

If you want to improve your facial appearance and achieve a youthful radiancy, dermal fillers are a great alternative. In Texas, you will find Dr. Kiran Polavarapu, a plastic surgeon who offers Fort Worth fillers to residents looking to improve their looks. You will be impressed with the expertise and resources at her Polavarapu Plastic Surgery PLLC.

Dr. Polavarapu is a board-certified reconstructive surgeon with exceptional Harvard training. She has an outstanding educational background. She finished top of her class in Temple High School and got awarded the Wendy’s Heisman Award. The award is given to only two students in the state of Texas.

After High School, she joined the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she graduated with a medical degree. She attended Beth Israel Deaconess to complete her general surgery residency and Louisiana State University for her plastic surgery residency. She received fellowship training under the supervision of the Manhattan renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Donald Wood-Smith.

She utilizes her vast experience and educational background to offer personalized care to all her patients. She blends noninvasive and surgical procedures to provide lasting cosmetic solutions. The clinic works hard to promote safety and comfort to patients seeking reconstructive and cosmetic surgery services.

Dermal fillers at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery PLLC

Injectable dermal fillers are used to replace lost volume and will help to smoothen wrinkles, restore a youthful appearance, and plump the lips. The gel-like substance is injected beneath the skin to fill lost volume, soften creases, and enhance facial contours. There is no surgery required, and as such, there is no downtime.

What are dermal fillers made with?

Dermal fillers are made with FDA approved filler products that cosmetic surgeons use. The most commonly used is hyaluronic acid.  This compound naturally occurs in the body and declines as a person ages. The reduced levels result in sagging skin and pronounced wrinkles. When you are injected with the hyaluronic acid, the skin rehydrates and therefore regains a youthful look.

Other dermal fillers contain calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) and occur naturally in our bones. It stimulates the body to produce compounds that strengthen the skin. Whatever the type of filler, the doctor will work to offer you a personalized treatment plan.

How can dermal fillers enhance your appearance?

Dermal fillers can do much more than smoothen your wrinkles. There are skin issues that dermal fillers can address including:

  •       Plump and enhance your lips.
  •       Diminish vertical lip lines
  •       Nasolabial folds
  •       Acne scars
  •       Parentheses lines
  •       Tiny lines around your lips
  •       Improve symmetry among your facial features

If you feel like you have skin issues that may require dermal filler treatment, you can come to the clinic and consult with Dr. Polavarapu and get a customized plan.

Do the injections hurt?

You are likely to feel a pinch, but the pain is tolerable. Some fillers have an anesthetic in their formula, and if not, the doctor will administer a topical anesthetic before treatment. You may notice some redness and swelling after the procedure, it ends after a few days, and it is no cause for worry.

How long does the effect of last?

Depending on your skin type and how your skin processes the filer, the effects can be observed from six months to two years. Also, the type of filler used can influence the longevity of the effects. You will need to repeat the filler injections to keep up the results of the treatment.

Give us a call and book an appointment if you would wish to regain a youthful look. You will find a caring team of professionals who prioritize the patient’s comfort and well-being.