Dental Crown Procedure to Help Flaunt Your Smile Everywhere You Go

Broken molars and premolars are often a reason for concern since without these teeth, you will have many issues when trying to chew or eat properly. Reignite your chewing capabilities with a dental procedure from Ernest Tchoi DMD. Various options exist to help you smile and eat more, as you can have a crown procedure that does not only restore but improves your mouth aesthetics.

Why are crowns essential dental procedures?

Decaying or broken teeth have a significant impact on your smile. However, with a proper crown procedure, you can have brilliant white teeth-like structures that help you eat. Crowns go on top of your natural teeth and cover the stains or the decayed tooth to give a new and refreshing look. Crowns have various properties that make them useful in chewing and sometimes crushing hard food substances.

The major property that makes crowns suitable for their function is their strong reinforcement. Their tough nature makes them resemble other teeth and function like them. What is more, no one will ever realize you have a tooth replacement when you talk or laugh.

Oral issues that make crowns suitable dental options

The primary functions of a crown are covering rotten or decayed teeth. However, crowns may help you deal with the following issues:

  •         Cover stained teeth that have lost their shape
  •         Holding dental bridges in position
  •         Restoration of worn-out smiles
  •         Attachment to other dental objects such as implants

Additionally, you can also benefit from crowns when you have self-esteem issues due to discolored teeth.

Essential procedures involved when having dental implants in place

Typically, dental procedures take some time. Your doctor will fit the crowns in two weeks with a week’s wait time in between.  Additionally, you will also need oral exams and a review of your health to decide whether you qualify for the procedure. X-rays also come in handy to check the extent of damage and the teeth that require restoration by your dentist. Your dentist will use the information provided to create a customized treatment plan that will align your new crowns to your mouth.

Crown placement begins with a numbing exercise to help you rest and stand the pain. The next step involves preparing your tooth for the crowns, a procedure that involves removing a layer of enamel from affected teeth to remove clear decay. You will also receive a procedure that checks the impression of your teeth that goes to the laboratory for manufacturing custom crowns.

The next appointment that follows is after two weeks that involves polishing, bonding, and removal of any excess material. Additionally, you will receive some care material to help take care of your teeth while at home.

Do crowns last forever?

While crowns are the best method for tooth restoration, they do not last long, and you will need proper oral hygiene and follow the strict instructions provided by your doctor.

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