Could This Be the Key to Unlocking Your Mind & Helping You

It can be hard to get your mind more focused on losing weight, especially when your job relies on Some people have decided to use medicinal cannabis as a way to enhance their focus. Does it actually work? Well, yes it does, but only if you use certain strains.

According to Notts University based in England, it can help you broaden your thoughts to make you think in a new light. Each strain will have an effect that differs from person to person, so we would recommend that you do a little bit of experimentationto try and identify the best strain for your needs. Here are some strains you may wish to try.


Kali Mist

Many people do not know about this strain, but it is known to be good for promoting clarity of mind. We found that this sativais able to produce a euphoric effect, which is able to encourageand stimulate the mind within a matter of minutes. The strain also boosts your motivation as well, which allows you to get tasks done fast. This strain is also useful for gaining clarity of thought for exploring different exciting ideas.


Jack Herer

Jack Herer is my own personal favorite. It is perfect for those who wish to utilize their maximum potential to bring out their best. The taste is excellent and you will certainly enjoy the pleasing pine aromatics.Another good effect of the strain is that it is able to keep your mind relaxed. For those who want to stay focused, this is the strain for you.



If you are on the lookout for a stronger strain, Chemdawg is a strain to try. We would recommend that only those who have used other strong psychoactive strains before should use Chemdawg, as it can be a bit too strong if you have not built up a tolerance to THC. We found that it was able to boost your thought process and provide a unique high that few other strains can achieve.

It is important to note that using it can make you feel a bit dizzy, especially when you try it for the first time, but this quickly wears off.

Have you used any of these strains before to helpyou focus your mind to help you lose weight? If you have, please let us know by heading over to our website.