Cosmetic Services You should consider

Multiple cosmetic and esthetic treatments can help you improve your body contour and enhance healthy, natural skin, boosting an individual’s self-confidence.  Are you looking for Emsculpt in Chicago? Worry no more as Elysium SurgiSpa is your solution. Elysium SurgiSpa is an aesthetic and medical spa offering quality individualized care. The facility incorporates advanced medical technology and techniques to enhance the efficiency of their treatment procedures. Dr. Mick, the Managing Director, leads a team of practitioners who focus on meeting the aesthetic needs of their patients. Let’s find out more about the facility and its practice.

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is an advanced non-invasive body contouring system that suits both men and women. This procedure does not involve the burning of fats. Instead, the device delivers intense electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave energies into your muscle fibers. These wave energies cause tissue-muscle contractions. Continuous muscle contractions rebuild up muscles by remodeling the muscle fibers. This treatment procedure enables a patient to remodel/rebuild muscles without having to undergo long workout sessions and other painful procedures.

Which Areas Can Emsculpt Help Remodel/Rebuild Muscles?

Emsculpt is the latest FDA-approved body contouring procedure. Since it is non-invasive, the system can help treat multiple body areas safely. After the procedure, one does not require downtime. Some of these areas include defining one’s abs, butt lifting and toning, sculpting arms, and getting rid of a muffin top.

How Many Emsculpt Sessions Does One Need?

Before any procedure, Dr. Mick performs proper cross-evaluation of the patient’s desired aesthetic goals. Dr. Mick also evaluates one body to determine how many sessions it will require. Typically, patients require about four sessions that take about 30 minutes with two or three-day session intervals.

After a session, you feel like you underwent an intensive workout session. Muscles gradually become more defined after each session. However, you will see significant changes after several weeks (Two to three)


Elysium SurgiSpa emphasizes on Patient education. Through their blog articles, patients can learn more about the center’s practice, which involves services such as integrative wellness, body transformation, injectables, Spa, and skincare treatments. Visit their website to check out some of these articles.


Elysium SurgiSpa appreciates and values reviews from their valued clients. To date, the facility boasts a 4.94 out of 5-star rating on seventeen collected reviews. You can visit their website to check out testimonials by various patients about the center.

How Can I Contact the Center?

Patients can reach the center through mobile, 312-248-4024, or request for an appointment online. Conveniently, visit the facility’s location at 520 West Erie Street, Chicago. Note that the center does not operate on Mondays and Sundays. If you have any queries, comments, or concerns about the facility, you can send a message to your selected provider through their website.

To sum up, Elysium SurgiSpa provides top-notch cosmetic services to the people of Chicago and the surrounding areas. The providers, at the center, incorporate advanced medical aesthetic and laser treatments to enhance the efficiency of their services. Also, the providers focus on meeting the aesthetic goals of their patients. Elysium SurgiSpa welcomes new patients to its multiple cosmetic procedures. Schedule an appointment with the Spa today.