Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery? 5 Things You Must Know

Research indicates that individuals that have severe obesity ought to undergo the gastric bypass surgery. By doing this they reduce the chances of death by 48% up to 10 years after the medical procedure.

In developed countries, obesity is an epidemic with serious health problems. Currently, bariatric surgery is an available option that maintains weight loss for morbid obesity cases. It decreases the severity of obesity-related health consequences and improves quality of life.

More people are now seeking weight loss treatment and bariatric surgery. If you are considering gastric bypass, here are 5 things you must know.

What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

It’s the most prevalent weight loss surgery. This is a surgical operation in your digestive system and stomach that controls the intake of food and nutrients you absorb. It goes a long way in causing weight loss.

It restricts both the food and the number of calories the body can absorb and permanently changes how your body digests food.

What Are the Steps Involved During Surgery?

The aim of the surgery is to make your stomach small. The surgeon staples it to make a small pouch then cut your small intestines and attaches the pouch on the lower part of the intestines. This forces your food to bypass bits of the stomach and intestines.

It can be done in two ways under general anaesthesia. It can be a laparoscopic surgery or open surgery.

The laparoscopic surgery is a small camera is placed in your stomach and connected to the video monitor in the OR. This will help your surgeon see how they are cutting the intestines and stapling the stomach during the procedure.

In the open surgery, the surgeon will surgically cut open your stomach and do the bypass through your small intestines and other organs.

Who Qualifies for the Surgery?

Not everyone can undergo weight loss surgery as you need to meet the surgery criteria. Your Body mass index should be of 40 or more. In case you have obesity-related health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease, you can undergo the surgery.

Patients who have tried other means of weight loss and failed can also be considered for the surgery. In some cases, you may not get the surgery done if you are not above 18 years.

Get Prepared for the Weight Loss Surgery

A team of a health professional will evaluate whether the gastric bypass surgery fits you. It will evaluate your psychological readiness to undergo the surgery. Some of the key considerations are your weight history and your nutrition.

The team reviews your diet attempts, weight trends, eating habits, and other factors. In case you’re on medication, the health team may advise you against the surgery. This is if preexisting conditions such as liver diseases may be worse after the surgery

What Are the 5 Things to Know Before Going for the Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Before scheduling your surgery, it’s important to do some research and your due diligence to find out more on what the surgery entails. This helps you make sober decisions as you weigh the pros and cons of having it done.

1. Low-Risk Procedure

This weigh loss procedure is known to have minimal complications and you don’t need to worry about the risks. It’s almost never life threatening as it rated at 99.8% survival rate. Many doctors suggest that surgery can be avoided if people can adopt the right behaviors and choices.

As you weigh your option on whether to have the procedure or not, assess the health risk associated with obesity. These may pose a great danger to your life than the surgery.

2. Excess Skin May Be an Issue

Once you have the surgery done, your body and skin may adjust to the changes. However, you will be left with excess skin that sags and might require cosmetic surgery to repair.

This can be financially draining and may even lower your self-esteem. You will be so conscious of any skin showing because it looks bad and layered.

3. You Might Sink into Depression

Obese people are likely to battle depression and have mental health issues because of their body weight. In most cases, people who go for the surgery may regain confidence and experience health improvement.

However, there are others who sink deeper into depression after the surgery. They may develop eating disorders and be more withdrawn and have behavior and self-esteem issues.

In case you struggle with depression, it’s important you consult your doctor before going in for the operation. Ensure you build a mental support system that will hold your hand in the healing process.

4. Prepare Financially

Many if not all insurance health providers don’t cover for the weight loss surgery. if you intend to rely on your insurance, get prior approval from the health insurance company with justification to have the operation.

They may decide to not cover the gastric bypass surgery but cover some parts of the process. Ensure you check the specific services covered as you being the evaluation process.

Plan your finances accordingly so that you pay for the cost of the surgery.

5. You Risk Weigh Regain

Unfortunately, many people who go for this surgery end up regaining all of the lost weight or a considerable amount of the weight. This is because they sought a quick-fix-it solution to a problem but did not change their habits. Staying healthy should be prioritized as a lifetime commitment.

You should ensure your diet is healthy and exercise regularly. The surgery is a means of regaining control of your health.

Is Surgery for You?

If you opt to get the gastric bypass surgery after weighing the pros and cons, learn about the changes you need to make in your life after the surgery. Consult widely and involve your family so that you can make a final decision with their support.

It’s also important to talk to someone who may have undergone the operation so that you get advice on whether it’s a good idea or not.

The weight loss procedure will enhance your life but it’s not a miracle procedure. It does not guarantee that you’ll lose all the excess weight.

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