Considerations When Choosing Pre-Workout Supplements

Our bodies react to vitamins, stimulants and ingredients in different ways, because everyone has varying tolerance for the same components.  Thus, it is crucial to determine what are the best pre-workout options for women, and for you in particular.

How do you figure it out? Well, you can start by asking the following questions.

1.      Why are you exercising?

You have to know the reasons that are driving you to exercise. What do you hope to accomplish? If your target is to get endurance, then the better supplements will be stimulants. Components like caffeine and taurine will ramp up your energy, alertness and zest.

If you are targeting strength and musculature mass, then the muscle building ingredients will suit you best. They have components such as essential amino acids that emphasize muscle strength and performance.

2.      What are the Ingredients?

You need to know what the ingredients are and what they can do for you to achieve your exercise goals. Have a look at a few significant ingredients found in pre-workout supplements.

·         Caffeine, Taurine

It has energy boosting properties. You should feel more alert, able to endure more and improve your peak performance. It will make you burn more calories and build lean muscles.

·         Citrulline Malate

It improves blood flow when you exercise, by widening blood vessels. Your cells get more oxygen and nutrients, letting you focus better. A bonus is that you feel less fatigue.

·         Nitric Oxide

It dilates blood vessels and increases circulation. You will get better athletic performance and vascularity.

·         Beta Alanine, Creatine, BCAA

It increases the levels of the amino acids (e.g., carnosine) that fight lactic acid. You increase endurance and lean muscle mass, becoming stronger.

·         Glycerol

It boosts muscle cell volume and works wonders if your interest is muscle pumps.

·        Betaine Anhydrous

It increases the power output by boosting muscle endurance, power, force and overall strength. Betaine anhydrous is present in beets, spinach and seaweed, as well as naturally in your body.

·        Vitamin B12

It raises energy levels and peak performance. Vitamin B12 is necessary for healthy blood and nerve cells. It helps the body metabolize fats and carbs to release your energy.

·         Bioperine

It amplifies the bioefficacy of nutrients. Which means that your body does more; it absorbs more ingredients and uses more nutrients. Bioperine is the extract from black pepper.

3.      Do I Exercise in The Day or At Night?

The recommendation is that you should ingest supplements about 30 minutes before you start exercising. If you are a morning person, then, by the time you go to bed, all symptoms of the caffeine alertness will have dissipated.

If you exercise in the evenings, the stimulants may interrupt your bedtime. Sleep is vital for muscle performance and recovery. When you take the initial dose, keep track and note when it kicks in. Switch up the exercises and schedule the stimulating sessions for earlier in the day. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many products on the market that the choice can easily overwhelm you. This article should help you pinpoint your options for what suits you best. Remember that everybody reacts differently to stimulants, and has unique needs and personal preferences.

Enjoy your workout!