Cell Rejuvenation by Use of Peptides

Human bodies are intricate, and it is difficult to achieve overall well-being due to the complexity of our system. Ignacio Guzman, MD, through peptide treatment makes it possible for one to attain good health. Peptides are protein amino acids that act as signal elements in the body.  The peptides work by attaching themselves to the cells of the body and control the cells by telling them what they should do. The peptide thus controls how the cell reacts to stimuli in the desired manner.

Peptide Therapy

The knowledge of how peptides work makes them useful in various treatments, which is similar to the use of hormonal treatments. Peptide therapy is unique, safe, and noninvasive for people of all ages. There are about 60 peptides approved for clinical use, and more peptides are still in the trial stage for treatments of various elements. The most common peptide is the alpha-1 peptide that is used to treat lymphoid glands.

What Peptides can do for you

Peptides cure most conditions, and they can help people fight the complications that arise from chemotherapy, as well as help you build muscle and reduce fat. Peptides increase the growth of lean meat as it stimulates the growth of muscle cells. They can help you improve your workout and recovery.

Peptides are also essential in the reduction of fat through lipolysis, which is the process of breaking down fat. You can, therefore, have increased energy, strength, and stamina, which leads to increased muscle mass, definition, and endurance for exercise and other activities. Additionally, it increases the ability of the body to tan when exposed to the sun and boosts the synthesis of vitamin D.

Peptides can help you regulate other body hormones and can be administered for people with difficulties in hormonal regulations. It increases the strength of the immune system and accelerates the healing processes. It may increase the libido through an increase in the growth of sexual hormones.

Cell Rejuvenation by Administering Sermorelin Peptide

Human growth hormones decline when one is almost 20 years old, but currently, most medical practitioners recommend the use of sermorelin peptide therapy. The growth of rejuvenating peptides slows the aging process so that one can live the life they desire.

How Sermorelin Functions

If you combine sermorelin with adequate exercise, then you can achieve the desired results as it promotes the production of lean muscles. Sermorelin restores a normal sleep pattern as you grow old, which is good since irregular sleep can affect other aspects of life.

Sermorelin helps with quicker recovery and improved stamina through increased tolerance to exercise and less requirement for rest. It may help you acquire firmer skin, a youthful appearance, and a better lifestyle.

The drug can be administered as an injection in your skin with tiny insulin needles once per day before you go to bed. Nighttime administration is best as the peptide can mimic the nighttime release of HGH in young people. Within a few weeks, you will note the difference the peptide has on your appearance and energy levels.


In the search for a youthful appearance and increased energy levels as one gets old, most people resort to therapeutic treatments. Peptides treatment helps you rejuvenate your energy by inducing growth stimulation by controlling the cells of the body. The peptides stimulate hormonal growth that aims at helping deal with various conditions and helps energize and leave you looking young.