CBD Oil For Menstrual Cramps – Can CBD Oil Help Your Period?

Most women go through a tough time during their menstrual cycle. Some of them experience unbearable pain that makes it hard to go on with daily activities. Statistics show that about 80% of women suffer from period pain at some point in their lives.Although millions of women try to deal with this issue with painkillers, such medicines are addictive over time. Hence, many women are looking at alternatives to deal with monthly turmoils.This is where CBD can help. Let’s dive into evidence that shows CBD oil helps in menstrual cramps.CBD

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. It is a natural compound that doesn’t cause a high effect like the other cannabis compound called THC. CBD has many benefits, including pain relief, appetite stimulation, reduces insomnia, and helps in fast recovery after exercise, among others.You can use CBD oil to reduce your pain levels. A dose of this oil incorporated in foods, drinks, or gummies. All you need to do is buy quality CBD oil from reputed sellers like cbdoil.co.uk and start taking it.

CBD Oil and Menstrual Cramps

The human body comprises the endocannabinoid (ECS) system that is responsible for many factors, such as control of appetite, pain, sleep, and mood. CBD could help balance hormones in the ECS system that may be causing pain during periods.This system has endocannabinoids that react with receptors to regulate these functions. CBD oil also comprises cannabinoids that imitate the purpose of this system. They bind to receptors in the ECS to help control similar functions.Here are some of the ways CBD oil helps:

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety

If you have painful periods, you tend to feel anxious whenever they are about to start. Most of the time, the body becomes resistant to conventional medications, and you have to look for more robust methods. CBD can help calm the mind, and this, in turn, will reduce anxiety.CBD oil can calm the nerves in women that feel stressed before and during their periods. Research shows promising results on the ability of CBD oil to treat anxiety. When a person relaxes, they are less likely to experience excruciating pain during periods than when they feel anxious.

Offers Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The substance responsible for period pains is Prostaglandin, which controls uterine contractions. Contraction allows the uterus to shed its wall and menstrual blood to flow. However, prostaglandins also help in the healing process, and they do so by causing inflammation on the site.There is more period pain in women that have a high level of prostaglandins. CBD contains anti-inflammatory compounds, and it can help counter the action of prostaglandins and, in turn, reduce menstrual camping.

CBD Can Numb the Pain (Analgesic effect)

Cramping can hinder one from doing anything due to too much pain. While painkillers tend to dull this pain, CBD works much effectively and has no side effects. You can rub small drops of CBD oil directly on the abdomen. Alternatively, you can take the oil orally to achieve similar results.In a recent study, the researchers investigated the analgesic effect of cannabinoids on the ECS. The findings of the study show that cannabinoids show great promise as pain treatments. They have an anti-inflammation aspect that helps to exemplify its analgesic effects.

Promotes Better Sleep

It may be challenging to enjoy quality sleep during your menstrual periods. The falling and rising levels of hormones progesterone and estrogen can make it difficult for a woman to fall asleep before and during her periods. CBD can come in handy to reduce swelling, pain, and anxiety in a way that will help one to sleep comfortably. CBD can help to fall and stay asleep.

How Can I Use CBD Oil to Manage Menstrual Cramps?

The application method plays a vital role in the effect of oil on the body. In some ways such as oral, it may take a while for the body to digest the oil and release it to the bloodstream. CBD suppositories work faster. Vaping also works quickly to relieve the pain.If the pain is in the abdomen, you can use topical creams, they all work quickly. Capsules are a great way, but to achieve immediate relief, break them and place beneath your tongue. Lastly, you can try gummies; they are a good option to help you sleep better. Take them an hour before you hit the bed for optimum results.


CBD oil can help in your periods. It promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation, and pain experienced during menstrual periods. Besides, it will decrease any levels of anxiety to allow you to undergo the process calm and pain-free. The best thing about CBD is that it does not have any severe side effects. You must start with the lowest dose and gradually work your way up to find a dosage and method of intake that works best for you.