CBD Essential Oil

Scientists have been conducting researches on a large scale to find the principal chemical components of cannabis, from the past ten years. As a result, they found a significant part that is responsible for both the medicinal and psychotropic properties of the cannabis plant.

One of the essential elements is CBD or cannabidiol, which is responsible for the outstanding therapeutic properties of CBD. It was found initially while treating inflammatory and multiple neurological conditions.

If you are looking for authentic CBD oil, then you can find it in the form of essential oil. Here you can see the most common uses of CBD essential oil and other related information about CBD essential oil.

What Is CBD  Oil?

CBD oil is considered as the best and most natural cannabidiol form that you can find in the markets currently. However, you can choose the product from several manufacturers as they all make the oil using the same components.

The manufacturers are using this unique method for deriving CBD; they are using alcohol as a liquefying agent.  To get the oil, the first step is, soak the plant in alcohol for some time, and takeout the plant, and allow the remaining alcohol to go through the evaporation procedure and continue it till you see only the oil.

This method was first invented by Rick Simpson, and the process was named after the original inventor. The first CBD essential oil was known as Rick Simpson Oil that became very popular.

It encouraged researchers further, and they found that CBD essential oil is medicinal oil.

The most advanced process of extracting CBD is by using CO2 to obtain the oil from the plant material. The advantages that you get from CBD essential oil is by controlling the pressure and temperature of the extraction. Also, the process facilitates you to derive various cannabinoids individually, and that is why you can get low levels of THC in CBD oil.

Different Types of CBD Essential Oils:

However, the CBD oil is considered as the best medicinal oil, but, you cannot use Rick Simpson oil for actual therapeutic use as it is not suitable.  This is because the cannabinoids are derived from the plant directly yet the CBD and THC levels differ from one batch to another. It may cause harm if the CBD level is high and the THC level is low, and the THC level is high in Rick Simpson, and that is why it is not suitable for medicinal use.

Currently, the CO2 extraction process in the standard method, but there will be a slight variation in CBD or THC levels that you get from different manufacturers.

However, the only thing that you should consider is that the level of THC should never go above 0.3 percent.

The different levels of THC may cause various kinds of health issues, and other cannabinoids may or may not be integrated into this category. Also, their CBD level may differ as well. Many manufacturers also combine hemp seed oil as it contains omega-3 fatty acids and other dietary benefits.


You can find a large range of CBD essential oils if you want to try.  However, before buying the CBD oil, check the dose that is required for your health condition, and also consult your doctor before using it. You can as well try different makers to see what type of oil works best for your situation.  Each will feel differently and react differently to different oils. Our mission at cannafinest is to educate and inform people interested in CBD Oil products. Based on our own experience and the experience shared by users, we can provide the right information. Safety of consumers is our top priority.