Can You Lose Weight With Ping Pong? THE Answer IS YES

Ping Pong is one game which is good for children as well. It is often seen that child obesity is on the rise and due to poor lifestyle habits, children have started gaining weight. Now, this is a good chance to have them involved in the game. They will know that they are not trying to lose weight, but they are having fun. Thus, Ping Pong is an easy game which can be played anytime and by anyone. This game doesn’t involve a lot of preparation and all that is needed is a table, a ping pong paddle and a ping pong ball.

Are you planning to lose weight?

Gaining weight is quite easy but losing weight is quite difficult. There are many people who have tried a number of ways to lose weight but they failed miserably since they couldn’t stick to their plans. Some such weight loss methods include diet plans and rigorous exercises in the gym. Amidst all this, there is a way to lose weight and that too with ping pong. So, if anyone asks you if it is possible to lose weight with possible, your answer shall be YES. So, let us understand how table tennis can helps in weight loss.

Reasons why ping pong helps in weight loss:

  • Burns calories fast – Ping pong is one game which helps you to quickly lose weight. The reason is simple. It is one of those games by which you are able to burn calories at a quicker rate. This is because your whole body goes through exercises. You are able to work out the whole body all at once because you are working out all the muscles together. Thus, if you play ping pong for an hour, you are going to benefit in many ways.
  • Increases your heart rate – Since this is a fast paced game, it involves rapid movement of your whole body. As this happens, there is an increase in the heart rate. When we spend hours in the gym, it works out our whole body and helps in losing weight. If you are able to workout like this, you will increase your heart rate. With increase in heart rate, your body metabolism will increase. This means there will be an increase burning of calories. Thus, there will be quickly weight loss.
  • Increases Muscle Mass – Ping pong is one game which involves a lot of muscle movement. This means when you play the game regularly, you are able to build muscle mass. With increase in muscle mass, you are able to burn more fat.
  • Entertaining and Motivating – Those who have tried gym routines understand very well that to stick to a workout schedule, it needs a lot of dedication and effort. People usually feel tired and lack the motivation. If there is no motivation, they often skip the routine because they get bored. But with Ping Pong this doesn’t happen. It is a fun and entertaining game. People play the game because they love to do so. They do not need to be motivated.

It is a well known fact that playing ping pong helps in weight loss. However, if you wish to make this successful, you need to consider a few factors. So, for all those who are looking forward to lose weight, here are some quick tips which are going to help.

  • Plan a fixed time – If you wish to lose weight with help of ping pong, you need to concentrate on the game. Have a fixed time everyday when you will play the game. This will build a routine and help you stick to it. It will help in regular weight loss.
  • Plan with your friends and relatives – To make weight loss easier and your game even more entertaining, call your friends and relatives over the game. You can invite them for sessions – plan a breakfast party. Surprise your guests when you ask them to play the game. Thus, this is one way in which you can involve all those who feel lazy to join the gym and workout.
  • Plan whenever you feel like – So, if you are feeling lethargic and sluggish – pick up your paddle and play the game.

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