Can Vaping Help You Focus and Reduce Stress?

There’s still a lot of social stigma about vaping, even though it’s becoming more and more popular as we speak. People still associate it with smoking since the principle is the same.

However, many studies have shown that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. And if you vape without nicotine, it goes without saying that you can keep your health in top condition.

But what about other benefits? Can vaping help you reduce stress and improve focus?

We have done some research, and here’s what we’ve found.

Vaping with Nicotine May Help Reduce Stress

We have to say that vaping with nicotine is not safe. It’s not the same as smoking since there’s no dangerous combustion that releases toxic chemicals, so it is much safer. But nicotine is still a harmful substance that you shouldn’t put into your body.

Nevertheless, smokers have been saying for decades that they feel less stressed out after a cigarette. If they’re flipping out about something or feel anxious, having a smoke reportedly calms them down.

There’s actually some real science behind this.

Nicotine activates dopamine, making you feel better. But you build up a tolerance after a while, so your body starts craving more nicotine to get more dopamine. If you don’t provide it, your body starts feeling withdrawal symptoms, thus making you stressed, anxious, and irritated.

Nicotine improves attention and focus as well, making you more alert.

So, if you vape with nicotine, you may feel stress relief and increased focus.

Vaping without Nicotine Can Be Relaxing Too

If you’ve never smoked before or you’re trying to kick the habit, vaping without nicotine is a much better choice.

But can it relax you if there’s no nicotine activating the reward system in your brain? It actually can.

While vaping, you trick your mind into thinking you are smoking. So, the simple process of inhaling and exhaling the vapor makes you feel more relaxed.

Many users say that puffing large clouds of vapor is what creates the calming effects. Many of them also use vape juice from CBDfx and find puffing smoke rings relaxing.

So, it’s not all about nicotine.

Also, one of the toughest things when quitting smoking is giving up the habit of holding a cigarette. With vaping, it feels just the same (except for all the hazardous chemicals), so it actually stops you from getting fidgety.

Enjoyable Flavors Can Produce Calming Effects

One of the best things about vaping is that you have an abundance of different flavors to choose from. There are e-liquids with all kinds of flavors to make your vaping experience delightful.

You can find chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peach, banana, pineapple, coconut, caramel, candy, eggnog, apple pie, lemonade, coffee, peppermint, and pretty much anything else.

Choosing an e-liquid has become like choosing candy or ice cream. No matter the taste you’re craving, you can be sure there’s a vape juice with that exact flavor.

And tasting that enjoyable flavor can make you feel great, especially when you add the smell of the vapor to the experience. You know that pleasant scents trigger happy emotions, so you can easily keep your stress in check while vaping.

For instance, some of the best scents for better focus and stress relief are lemon, peppermint, cinnamon, and lavender.

You Can Vape CBD for Stress Relief

Vaping CBD is also becoming quite popular these days, as many countries and states are increasingly legalizing it.

There are numerous health benefits of CBD (all supported by scientific studies), and one of them is reduced stress. CBD can alleviate stress by engaging with the serotonin receptors in the brain, stimulating them to produce more happy hormones.

Don’t worry about getting high if you vape CBD, because it’s not possible. Yes, it comes from the cannabis plant, but it’s THC that’s responsible for psychoactive effects.

However, most CBD oils for vaping contain tiny amounts of THC not enough to cause high, but you can find a variety of products without it.

There are lots of CBD vape juices that contain only pure CBD, so be sure to check with the provider if you want to avoid THC completely.

As you can see, vaping can really improve your focus and help you get rid of stress. But don’t take our word for it. Check out all the studies we’ve mentioned above to see what various researchers have to say about vaping, as well as about CBD.

Take the time to do your own research too and delve deeper into the topic. Gathering all the credible information before you start vaping will give you peace of mind and help you stay healthy.