Can Acupuncture Heal Lower Back Pain?

Any type of chronic issues in the lower back due to either injury or bad posture can allow us to face many difficulties in life. We cannot do daily activities properly without feeling painful simulations every day. Therefore most of us should go for lower back injury treatment as fast as possible.


However, the best treatments and alternatives to allopathic medicine include acupuncture that gives us relief from any pain. The professionals use multiple needles that they insert in strategic points to deal with the pain. These bodily points, when strained, can give us relief from the pain permanently.

If we still feel reluctant while approaching the acupuncture experts, this article can provide most of the information we need to understand more about the process and its authenticity.

Lower back pain causes and symptoms

Multiple times of signs are available concerning lower back pain that includes stabbing ache in the area and even a dull sensation. Because of the pain, we might find it harder to also move our body to ascertain position while lying down on the bed. Such acute issues can be caused due to many problems such as heavy lifting, sports, and even injury.

Urgent care symptoms include painful sensation after severe injury or severe fall. Numbness in the reproductive region, bladder, and bowel control loss, the sensation of pain while urinating and coughing, weak legs, and fever.

Why patients choose acupuncture?

Chronic pain can be challenging to deal with in day to day life and makes our life miserable. Most of us might have an idea of obtaining relief from pain by using physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and others. One of the most effective treatment includes acupuncture that has the capability of dealing with the issue at a permanent stage.

Effectiveness of the treatment is the primary reason why most of us like to approach acupressure professionals. Whenever we even think about pressing a needle inside the body, we are filled with painful imaginations. On the other hand, the acupuncture needles do not cause any discomfort and pain in the muscles. The professional is expert enough to target energy points within the body using needles. This is the reason why patients are suffering from lower back pain due to injury approach Jessica Maguire acupuncture experts to deal with the problem quickly.

Scientific perception of acupuncture procedure

Even though science has not understood the process appropriately, it is evident that the result simulating from the process is higher. Releasing chemicals is a common evidence of the therapy. When the needles are applied, certain pain-relieving chemicals are released in the body that helps us in dealing with chronic pain efficiently. After using this process, the experts observe the triggering of electromagnetic impulse in the body that helps the body in releasing endorphins to handle the pain. It also helps in releasing certain neurotransmitters that regulate bodily nerve endings. Such aspects can aid the experts in shutting the pain off for a while.

Working of the acupuncture process

The formal process starts with inserting hair like pins or needles within the body. The professionals strive to make the procedure virtually painless to correct the balance of energy flow within the body. If we attempt to maintain a balanced life and deal with the pain quickly, we ought to seek the professionals weekly.


When it comes to finding an affordable and effective treatment, Jessica Maguire acupuncture can be the way out for most patients. The only way our body can face ultimate relief from chronic and temporary pain is by using acupuncture sessions. We can approach the professionals every week to be relieved from the pain as fast as possible. The health experts also assure us of primary care and prevention from future issues.