Can A Trampoline Get You In Shape?

One of the newest exercise crazes in town is trampoline exercise with trampoline parks popping up in cities across the country, more and more adults are turning to this fun activity that was previously the domain of children everywhere, in a bid to get fit.

But can trampoline exercise – also known as rebounding really get you fitter? There have been many studies into the effects of trampoline use on adult bodies and the good news is yes, a trampoline can help you to get into shape. Want your own trampoline? Check out the best of the bunch on SportzBits.

There are a number of reasons why regular use of a trampoline is good for your adult physique so here are a few examples of how a trampoline can get you back in shape:

trampoline exercise

    1. It can help you lose weight

    Several studies have shown that rebounding on a trampoline is actually far more efficient for weight loss than jogging because becoming breathless through cardio exercise can lower your metabolism.

    With a trampoline you don’t get breathless and it supports your metabolism which is key for effective weight loss. You can move and exercise without getting breathless and stressing out your system.

    1. It can help reduce cellulite

    Jumping on a trampoline helps to stimulate the thyroid gland and the lymphatic system to start clearing out stored fat – in particular the dreaded cellulite. This is one of the more unusual and key benefits to using trampoline exercise – it’s effective at reducing cellulite on the body.

    1. You can exercise your whole body without putting pressure on your limbs

    If you jump or jog on a trampoline there is no pressure on your body, unlike jogging or running which puts pressure on your feet, ankles and leg joints. You can exercise for longer on a trampoline without feeling the pressure on your joints as there is no high impact.

    1. You can improve your posture

    Changing your posture can have a big impact on how you look and feel and bouncing on a trampoline helps your balance to improve, which in turn can improve and support better posture. Some trampolines come with handles attached for ease of balance but in time you will find your balance improving.

    1. Build muscle and reduce fat levels

    Using a trampoline to exercise works out your legs, thighs, hips, and arms and helps to improve agility, muscle tone and encourages your body to detox naturally, which can help with weight loss.

    1. Supports the impact of other exercises

    If you are carrying out another exercise such as weight lifting, combining it with rebounding on a trampoline can help to enhance the overall fitness improvement. Adding trampoline exercise to your regular workout routine can make the whole approach work better for your body.

    1. It’s low impact cardio

    Most people think of cardio exercise as jogging or aerobics, all of which have high impact issues on your body and can cause injuries to knees and ankles. However, rebounding on a trampoline provides the same cardio workout without the impact issues.

    Any impact is absorbed by the trampoline itself which makes the exercise far more comfortable to do, meaning you can exercise for longer, and reduces the risk of suffering any kind of impact-related injuries.

    Trampoline jumping was once considered a pass-time for children only and a way to keep them entertained in the garden during the summer, however now the benefits of bouncing and rebounding on a trampoline have been studied and proven to work for adults too.

    Whether you want a fun way to get in shape, or are fed up with jogging and want to try something different, why not look for a trampoline centre or class near you and sign up for a session today, or else invest in your own and practice in the comfort of your own home.

    With this trend taking the fitness world by storm there are now many options for purchasing your own trampoline online, with many easily foldable for convenient storage at home – or to allow you to take it out to the park if you choose to!

    The low-impact but high cardio nature of working out on a trampoline makes it ideal for anyone who has had an injury or can’t carry out high impact workouts for any other medical reasons. When you start out it is worth investing in a trampoline with handles or a net, to make sure you don’t fall off but as you get more skilled and practiced, your balance will improve naturally.

    Make sure you buy a trampoline designed for fitness and for adults, rather than a general garden trampoline designed for children as these often have a low weight limit and won’t come with handles for that extra balance and support you might need when first starting out. If you do have any injuries you should speak to your doctor before undertaking trampoline exercise.