Building your Biceps with Calisthenics

Calisthenic adds to the best form of workout. No equipment and yet each and every muscle of your body is covered. Every girl wishes to see those handsome hunks with pythons bulging out their tees as their partners and the guys just love those girls with the fit, toned and in-shape muscle arms.

Calisthenic biceps workout has the solution for both the men and women. You can achieve what you wish for. You can carry out different sets of exercises to serve your desired purpose like increasing or decreasing the size of biceps, gaining the bulges and curls or a fit toned muscle. You have a solution for everything in a calisthenic workout.

Ways To Build Up Your Biceps With Calisthenics:

Well to start up with your biceps exercise the first and foremost thing that is required is the muscle warm out. So you can pick any of the basic exercises for biceps work out. To start your warm up you can include

  • Push Ups ( 3 sets 15 reps each)
  • Curls ( 3 sets 15 reps each)
  • Pull Ups ( 3 sets 15 reps each)

You can add other exercises too as per your choice. You may carry out this workout for warm up with or without weights.

Now, after you finish up with the warm-up, begin with your exercise. The exercise can be the same but the number of reps, weight and challenge level shall be chosen by the individual based on the beginner, intermediate and advanced level depending on the course of duration they have been performing the exercises.

The best form of muscle building in calisthenic is to carry out the circuit training. Use a particular set of exercises and continue the whole set repetition. You can include various rounds with each round including 3 to 4 types of exercises.

  • Chin Ups
  • Reverse chin ups
  • Bar curls single handed
  • Bar curls double-handed
  • Headbangers max out

The first round of exercise can include the above five exercises. You should carry out these exercises one by one with one set of 10 reps each for beginners, 15 reps each for intermediate and 20 reps each for advanced workout sessions. Now once you complete with one round of exercise including all the specified exercises, begin again. Again carry out all the exercises with same no. of reps. You should carry out minimum 3 sets of all the exercises in a loop order or circuit form.

Once you complete the first round of exercise, build another group of exercise to form round to. For building biceps, you can include exercises like

  • BTB Pull Ups
  • Bench Dips
  • Korean Dips
  • Impossible Dips
  • Tricep Extensions

All the exercises with max out the form. Now carry out all the exercises one by one similar to round 1 and complete the round 2 of exercises. It should also have a minimum of 3 sets of a complete round. You can decide the number of repetition as per your strength and increase it gradually.

Final Words:

Building your muscles with your own Bodyweight Training has several advantages on your body. You can gradually increase your muscle strength, core strength and overall potential of the body. If you carry out the exercise on the regular basis along with proper dietary habits you can achieve the desired results in a small period of time.

Building biceps without any additional weights can be highly challenging but if you are a hardcore fitness freak nothing is impossible for you. Above all, there is no weight better than your own body weight that will add to your body shape, weight loss and muscle build up without any counter effects.