Breast Reconstruction Options for You After Mastectomy

It is possible to reclaim your confidence and self-love after losing your breasts following the daunting challenges of cancer treatment. Therefore, always consult your doctor on options for breast reconstruction after a cancer diagnosis before getting a mastectomy. The doctor can opt for breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy. Why not receive the care of the best East Windsor NJ breast reconstructive surgeon in restoring your look?

Breast Implants

You have two options in choosing breast implants for reconstruction. You can either have the silicone implant that uses gel silicone to fill the implant. On the other hand, you can also have a saline implant with saline water as the filler implant.

Undergoing breast reconstruction surgery using implants is a relatively simple operation that will have minimal downtime. Consequently, you have a shorter hospital stay, and you tend to recover faster following the surgical procedure. The only visible scarring present as a result of the surgery is on the breast target area.

Flap Reconstruction

Also known as autologous fat grafting, your doctor can also opt for flap breast reconstruction. The essential aspect of this surgical procedure is the use of your body tissue to aid in reconstructing a new breast. It can involve attached flaps that use body tissue from your back, channeling it to your chest area.

On the other hand, free flap reconstruction will use body tissue from your abdomen. The distinguishing feature is that in the latter, the surgeon will cut blood vessels for attachment on the blood supply vessels on the chest wall to promote the regeneration of tissue for breast growth.

One of the significant benefits of using your tissue for breast reconstruction is the ability to produce natural-looking breasts that take the shape of your body without giving out the notion of having an overly open reconstructive surgery. Additionally, the new breasts will change when your body changes. Therefore, your breast size will have a directly proportional relationship as you gain or lose weight.

Breast Reconstruction is Not Always Done

In some instances, especially with a partial mastectomy after a cancer diagnosis in the early stages, breast reconstruction is avoidable. What does this mean for you? Your surgeon will engage techniques in reshaping your breast during the surgery. Also known as oncoplastic surgery, your surgeon uses your breast’s surrounding tissue area to give your breasts a new shape.

Timing of the Breast Reconstruction Surgery

After undergoing a mastectomy, your surgeon performs an immediate reconstruction of your breasts. In some instances, your surgeon can incorporate both breast implants and tissue flap for reconstruction. However, if you need extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, your doctor will opt for the reconstruction later.

The technique in question is delayed reconstruction. The aim of postponing reconstruction surgery is to have comprehensive benefits of the reconstruction, which can be affected by radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

However, the decision to choose breast reconstruction after a mastectomy is an independent call for every woman. In some instances, you may choose to use external breast pads to improve your appearance or ignore the choice altogether. You can always consult your doctor before making the decision.