An In-Depth Look at the Bowflex Max Trainers to Determine Which One Suits You

Bowflex Max Trainers

The Bowflex Max Trainers are the hottest new thing to take over the fitness world currently and with good reason. Bowflex has come up with the ultimate workout machine offering users optimal burning of calories within a shorter period for the best workout from the comfort of your home. In just 14 minutes, Bowflex guarantees you an efficient workout for your whole body thanks to the Bowflex Max Trainers. The max trainers have a unique design and they can help you burn more calories all through, not to mention they provide significantly more upper body engagement in comparison to other types of fitness equipment.

The Bowflex Max Trainers comprise of three models, namely the M3, which is the entry-level model, the M5 (mid-range model), and the M7 (the high-grade model). Each of these max trainers was developed using the brilliance of Bowflex to generate workouts that are both low impact yet challenging. You can also read in-depth comparisons of bowflex max trainers, like the one from GetBestElliptical. Bowflex Max Trainers combine the design and motion of an elliptical trainer and a stair stepper to concentrate on interval training using their exceptional programming and the steep incline design.

How Much Should You Expect to Spend on a Bowflex Max trainer?

The price of your Bowflex Max Trainer will vary based on where you buy them and the model you are buying. Various dealers offer different prices but their recommended retail prices range from $999 to $1599, and $2199 for the M3, M5, and M7 respectively. Warranties go from one, two, and three years for the M3, M5, and the M7 respectively.

The M3 Bowflex Max Trainer

This model is more affordable than the other two models and it provides various benefits all surrounding its zero impact design. This design makes it a great model for individuals who are severely obese or the elderly. The M3 has a chest strap that has been generated for wireless pulse monitoring. In comparison to the M5, there is a difference in the number of preset programs as well as the resistance levels. The M3 Max Trainer provides 8 resistance levels that can be adjusted using the dial button, which is situated on the handlebars. You can shuffle between the resistant levels enabling you to customize your workout to avoid plateauing. This is a convenient option for beginners as it allows them to begin at a slow pace and build up resistance gradually for a more vigorous workout. The console does not have a monitor and the design is quite basic. The M3 trainer gives you access to two inbuilt workout programs and user profiles. It is a compact model; therefore, it needs less space compared to other types of fitness equipment.

Cons of the M3 Max Trainer

It is complicated to assemble especially if you are new to fitness machine assembling. The machine offers limited program options, namely manual mode or max interval and so if you are able to spend slightly more money on a Bowflex max trainer, then the M5 is best as it offers you more options.

The M5 Bowflex Max Trainer

This model is more professional when compared to the M3 and it is ideal for athletes looking to benefit from a powerful frame as well as more features. Similar to other Bowflex Trainers, the M5 also has a compact design allowing it to fit easily into almost any space. At $1599, it is slightly pricier than the M3 but if you can afford to binge on this model then you will find that it is worth upgrading. The M5 has 16 various and pre-programmed workouts giving you more options to choose. It is IOS and Android compatible so that you can synchronize your workout to any of your devices. This trainer has target-zone and burn-rate indicators as well as a contact heart-rate monitor. The M5 trainer also has Bluetooth so you can track your data along the line. It has 2 user profiles just like the M3 and a media ledge to place your books. The digital high-tech features make it smartphone perceptive and it also boasts an impressive calorie burn allowing you to cut your workout time in half.

Cons of the M5 Max Trainer

The assembly process is as complicated as that of the M3. Although the M5 has a widescreen allowing you to view the displayed data easily, the tablet holder blocks the screen to some extent if you are using it. The bottle holder is also situated behind the display making it difficult to reach.

The M7 Bowflex Max Trainer

This model is ideal for advanced users. It has 20 resistance levels and 11 user programs making it great for High-intensity interval training, which can help you burn more calories than you would have burned on a basic elliptical trainer or treadmill. The M7 has a dual backlit screen to monitor fitness data and it has 4 user profiles. The M7 has a tablet holder and a water bottle holder. The handles offer a firm grip because they are covered in rubber. The pedals are also wider than the other two models, allowing for more intense workouts.

The M7’s design is ergonomic and functional as indicated by the fluid motion offered by the pedals and the handlebars during your workout. It is also tech-friendly as shown by the incorporation of an integrated trainer to guide through all the various steps of your session, as well as Android/IOS compatibility, Bluetooth function, and audio speakers. The M7 is the only one providing performance targeted programming so you can establish customized targets allowing you to develop endurance using your individual progress. Performance, Endurance, and Fat Burn are the three featured zones included.

The only notable con of the M3 Max Trainer would be that it is the most expensive of the three.

The efficient results and the success of the Bowflex Max Trainers come in the programming aspect due to their focus on the interval training. They all come with a MAX Interval Program as well as a manual program. The Interval Program makes up the foundation of the Max Trainers being that interval training is an efficient and tested method of burning more calories in a shorter period. The M7 and the M5 set the pace automatically for you allowing you to feel confident with how much work you are putting into your training. The M3 needs you to make resistance modifications if you need to use the turn dial.

Interval-dependent programs in all three models allow you to select which option will be the optimal use of your time in terms of burning calories be it 7 or 14 minutes.