Body Fat and Build Muscle

 Everyone now knows that it is possible to burn body fat while simultaneously building musculature. What this article is going to pinpoint are some lifestyle changes that you may need to make. You can begin with exercise, a search for a personal trainer, and counting calories, but there is more to do.

Some of the things you do outside of the gym setting may help or hinder your dual goals from trimming the fat as you develop muscles.

1.      Slow Down (Ideally Stop) Alcohol Intake

A glass of sherry now and again is not harmful, but excessive consumption disrupts normal body functions. We polish off bottles when the company is enthralling, and end up over drinking.

Alcohol interrupts REM sleep, piles on calories, and reduces the protein synthesis that repairs muscles. It also will increase cortisol, the stress hormone, and reduce the water-soluble vitamins that hormone needs to function.

Take a break from alcohol for 60 days, and you will be amazed at the incredible results you will get.

2.      Speed Up

Muscle size and power improve when you move faster. Check any sprinter’s body and notice how they have speed, leaner bodies and explosive energy.

Your speed will increase when you exercise by alternating sprint runs, with brisk walks (400 meters) for 3 minutes each. Repeat the cycle three times.

3.      Do Not Allow Distractions

Bring all your powers of intense focus and determination to accomplish what you want. When you are in the gym or running track, do not tweet, check mail or handle calls. It would be best if you leave the phone in your locker.

Do not succumb to having a Chardonnay if you have decided that the next alcoholic toast will be six months away. Do not skip a speed building run to have a night at the movies. When you are resting between exercise sets, consider doing a different exercise that keeps you moving.

4.      Switch Up Your Working Out Regimens

If you are concentrating on cardio and legs one day, switch to target different areas on alternate days. Also, change the venues so that you break any monotony, and change the degree of difficulty.

Compare how you perform jumping jacks on the park grass, beach sand and gym foam. You should also feel a difference in how you breathe, and hopefully, you will find that competing against different people will motivate you to go on.

5.      Eat 6 Small Meals and Drink Water

Muscles need plenty of protein so that they can build up. You will require many small meals, every 3 hours to regulate your blood sugar, which, in turn, encourages muscle mass. Prepare ahead to have a balanced diet of carbs, protein and fats.

Hydrate yourself with sufficient water to compensate for sweating, as well as to provide your body with adequate fluids to perform.

6.      Rest and Sleep Enough

Your body must rest and get enough sleep, so that body fat burns and your muscles build up mass. The body releases testosterone and growth hormones at night to repair and build muscles. Your body rests and revives, becoming stronger and ready for more.

Fatigue will confuse your mind to think that you are starving and instead of sleeping, you will make unnecessary night raids to the pantry.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the necessary paradigm shifts try setting quarterly targets and adjusting yourself so that you can reach the overall goal.