Body Dynamix DVD Series By Debbie Siebers and Livati – A Review on Pain Free Fitness Workouts?

If you are getting older. If your body is yelling you cannot do what it once could then this program by Debbie Siebers is for yours! Past 2 years I have been dealing with medical problems. My body has constraints when it once did not. My daily workout routine is different as compared to the time when I was younger. Body Dynamix DVD series has 7 amazing joint friendly and low impact workouts. This is a 6 days workout program. If you follow it you will get maximum benefits from this.

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers is a joint-friendly, low-impact workout meant particularly for people who are above 50 years of age. It also known as Livati Pain-Free workout is available online. Here is an honest, unbiased and true review on it.

What is Body Dynamix?

Body Dynamix is another workout program targeted towards women and men above 50 years of age. These exercises are directed by Debbi Siebers. Debbi has appeared in many other weight management videos. Debbie’s BeachBody workout video series were very popular.

With 7 routines, demonstrated by Debbie in Body Dynamix will help you to get into shape without damaging your physique. These 7 routines are;

  1. Mobility Drill
  2. Yoga Flows & Poses
  3. Tone & Walk
  4. Cardio Walk
  5. Core Walk
  6. Core on the Floor
  7. Restore & Repair

Body Dynamix DVD Series

  1. Mobility Drill or Body Insurance (21 minutes)

This is to help to prepare your body to allow an effective workout. Moreover, it enhances blood circulation, mobility, immunity and muscle strength. 21 minutes of body drill will focus on your midsection, lower back, shoulders and knees.

  1. Yoga Poses & flows (20 minutes)

Here you will learn yoga poses and flows that can be used to warm up the body. It also help you to get calm and rid stress from your mind. It also help you to wake up energetic in the morning.

  1. Tone & Walk (12 minutes)

In this session, Debbie uses hand towel to help you walk with the help of movements created for enhancing flexibility and opening muscles in shoulders, lower back, chest and arms. In this routine you will be able to lift up heart rate to perfect range to boost your blood circulation.

  1. Cardio Walk (20 minutes)

This is low impact walk routine. In this your heart rate will become better to lead better metabolism. As soon as metabolism is boosted, you can burn more calories and extra fats as well. This low impact exercise will not at all put any strain on your joint.

  1. Core Walk (19 Minutes)

Here Debbie has focused on strengthening the midsection keeping the heart rate maintained. You will sweat efficiently to burn more calories as well as tightening your core. This workout will help you to prevent pain, stiffness, and injuries as well.

  1. Core on the Floor (26 minutes)

It is time for mats and hit the deck. Here, Debbie will teach you easy yet efficient core-strengthening workouts that generally focus on lower back as well as abdominals to help make stronger and rigid core.

  1. Restore and Repair Final (41 minutes)

In this part there are some stretching workouts with deep breathing to give you more flexibility of legs, lower back, hips and upper parts. This session will help you repair and restore final workout routine to renew your mind, release stress as well as boost energy level.

When you buy Body Dynamix, you will get an online access to this system and 7 workouts videos through 2 DVDs. Digital access means that you will going to view these workouts by using any device if you have internet, as physical copies can make it easier to use the routines mentioned in Body Dynamix and the best part you can follow them at the comfort of your home. The set of 2 DVDs and System is meant to work together or separately to help you to Strengthen your muscles, increase fat burning and metabolism, boost longevity and immunity, improve mobility and flexibility, reduce injuries and joint pain, promote healthy heart and better blood circulation and leads to more productive and energetic life.

Creator of this Program – About Livati and Debbie Seibers

About Livati

Body Dynamix is created by a firm known as Livati under the assistance of Debbie Siebers. Livati and Debbie Siebers teamed up together to launch this program.

Livati claims that they are the very first health and Wellness firm to focus exclusively on products and fitness programs designed for unique health problems for adults who are above 50 years of age.

Livati promises that this program is filled with the teachings of workouts that are easy to understand, simple to follow, non-intimidating, safe and side effect free. They aren’t meant for the people who are preparing for bodybuilding competitions and bikini contests, however for the adults who more serious to get a healthier and happier life and more realistic goals of fitness.

About Debbie Siebers

Debbie Siebers leads all the workouts mentioned in Body Dynamix. She claims, that 20 years ago, she planned to begin living healthier, fit and more active lifestyle. When she was able to successfully achieve her objectives, she planned to help others to achieve their own fitness and health goals, as she says, “I made this for us, the baby Boomers, to let us continue to live healthier life at any age.”

She begun as personal trainer for the program Body-By-Jake. After that she co-host A TV show known as FIT or Fitting It In which was a TV’s Exercise and Cooking Sow. Debbie is also popular for her Slim-in-6 Program.

Debbie Siebers is AFAA certified personal trainer. AFAA is Aerobic & Fitness Association of America. Debbie has also been keynote speaker at many Wellness Events as well as Women’s Symposiums in whole country. In the year 2016, she led fitness and wellness workouts for Parker Chiropractic Convention held in Las Vegas.

What Makes Body Dynamix Aprat?

This program is catered towards men and women over 50 years of age who have unique fitness goals. If you have looked at exercise programs and workout videos lately, then you will realize there are not lots of systems and programs for older adults. That is why Body Dynamix Advertises its advantages like;

  • No need of heavy lifting
  • No need of jerky movements
  • No need of grinding motions
  • No risk or discomfort to your joints

Body Dynamix Customer Reviews: What its users are saying about it?

Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers is comparatively new program. When you explore its credibility on Social media Platforms, you will find that it was first appeared online in late 2016, although they does not appear to have widely marketed until year 2017.

This system is also available on Amazon. Its current rating on Amazon is 407 out of 5, although there’re just 5 customer reviews. Some of its positive and negative sides are;

Positive Points

  • Best for Older Adults (over 50 years of age) who want to avoid discomfort and joint pain. Even those who are recovering from injuries and need good, low impact exercise plan can use it without any botheration.
  • It helps you to recover your vitality and strength without injuring your body.
  • Perfect for both women and men over 50 years. But it’s only for those who want to live a healthy life and be in shape.

Negative Points

  • Just 4 stars as these workout routines are bit longer and not for people who are above 50 years of age but living a busy lifestyle.
  • A bit high price for just 2 DVDs and 7 workouts
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee has to be after deducting the shipping and handling costs. So it lacks full refund.

Body Dynamix – Final Punch! To Buy it or Not!

If you have checked the exercise programs and workout videos lately, then you will see that most if not all of them are targeted towards youth. Body Dynamix by Debbie Siebers and is one of the body fitness programs that are for people (men and women) over 50 years of age. It provides joint-friendly, low impact, risk-free and easy workout and fitness routine.

This program is new, therefore there are not many of the reviews you can see online. That is why I haven’t include much here, although I will continue to keep this page update as soon as I see any news about it (maybe good or bad). So far I think most if not all the Body Dynamix Reviews are at positive sides and it can be said that you can invest your bucks on it.