Dr. Sasaki, The Best Plastic Surgeon in Pasadena and the World

We achieve confidence when we are happy and pleased with the way we look. If you do not like your face or body appearance, you should make an effort to ensure you look your best. Aging should stop you from looking and feeling beautiful, for you deserve to be happy. Dr. Sasaki is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon in Pasadena, California, at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center. He is among the best cosmetic plastic surgeons globally, where he dedicates his life to providing personalized medical care to his patients.

With more than 35 years of experience, he is an educator and innovator of plastic surgery. He strives to create and bring new technologies to improve the plastic surgery practice. As a long-time plastic surgery professor, he has an Academic-Private Practice where he teaches, consults, and uses his research to educate and advance others about plastic surgery medicine. Dr. Sasaki is a highly knowledgeable expert in cosmetic plastic surgery, matching his exemplary medical care to his patients.

Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center has achieved Dr. Sasaki’s vision of having three integrated centers of excellence to meet all their patients’ needs. They include:

  •       Surgical procedures where Dr. Sasaki offers surgical treatment procedures to his patients using advanced treatment methods to achieve significant results.
  •       Nonsurgical procedures – The highly experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon has developed nonsurgical treatment techniques to meet every patient’s needs.
  •       Skincare – the aesthetic and skin care specialists use advanced medical skincare development to restore and restructure glowing and youthful skin.

They offer services such as:

Face and neck lift

Using the treatment technique that he created to help with the aging effects on the face and neck, Dr. Sasaki offers safe and effective facelift and neck lift procedures to meet his patients’ goals. Call or book an appointment today to experience the best.


It’s a nonsurgical procedure, usually an injection that helps reduce wrinkles and frowns lines on the face. Dr. Gordon Sasaki and his team offer advanced cosmetic injections to their patients to help restore a youthful look. Call or book an appointment today to learn more.

Acne and pigment treatment

Many individuals experience acne problems at some point in their lives. Dr. Sasaki and his team at Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center offer specialized and effective skincare treatment to treat acne and remove pigmentation and scars. Visit them today to restore your skin into a more beautiful complexion.

When getting your plastic surgery, be sure you get it from the best to provide effectiveness and safety—research well about medical facilities offering the services and settle on the experts. Dr. Sasaki of Sasaki Advanced Aesthetic Medical Center is one of the world’s leading cosmetic plastic surgeons. With a lot of experience, he offers comprehensive care to his patients to meet their unique and personalized needs. Together with his team, they provide a friendly and peaceful environment for their patients. Visit their office in Pasadena, California, today to receive the best and tested medical care.