Best Exercises for Heart Health

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Fitness is very important for you to maintain a healthy heart. Moreover, having a strong and healthy heart is one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health. You are twice as likely to develop a heart condition if you do not exercise than when you do. However, there are certain exercises that benefit your heart more than others.

Such exercises include:

1.  Running

Few exercises are as good for your cardiovascular health as running. It is an age-old and time-tested activity that human beings were simply made to do. Your whole body benefits when you run but your heart benefits the most since blood is being pumped harder and faster by your heart. It increases the heart’s capacity and greatly improves its function.

Running may include jogging at a moderate pace but it may also include interval running where you sprint then jog. However, as long as you run for just 30 minutes a day at whatever pace, your heart will benefit.

2.  Swimming

It is common knowledge that swimming works all the muscles in your body. However, many people only think of exterior muscles but swimming also benefits your heart greatly. When swimming, your body has to work harder than usual since water is not a natural medium for human beings. 

While swimming you have to hold your breath and move which increases your aerobic capacity. Swimming will reduce your blood pressure which will benefit your heart and blood vessels. It is also a fun activity whose benefits you can gain without having to put yourself through the paces.

3.  Resistance Training

When most people think of resistance training, they typically think of strength and large or lean muscles. However, resistance training of any kind will also affect the heart. The heart has muscles and though not visible, the muscles also become strong as a result of having to pump more blood to larger muscles. Resistance training will also help you burn fat and reduce your cholesterol levels which is great for your heart.

Resistance training may include the use of your own bodyweight or free weights. For the most benefit to your heart, you should engage in a combination of the two.

4.  High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

The way most people train is to do exercises at moderate intensity for long periods of time such as jogging. However, interval training is unparalleled as far as benefiting your heart health is concerned.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense activity followed by a moderate period of active rest or low-intensity exercise. For example, sprinting for ten seconds and then jogging for fifty seconds and then repeating the cycle is a fine example of interval training.

The continuous rising and lowering of your heart rate greatly improve vascular function and heart health. It also removes more fat and cholesterol from the body than other types of exercise.