Benefits of Using Organic Vegan Skin Care Products

Natural vegan skincare products have proven the most effective and safest among all the skincare products suiting all types of skin and ages. Organic vegan skincare is a booming market because people are becoming more conscious of the surroundings since the adverse side effects of using harmful chemicals can hurt not only individuals but the environment as well. Read on to know the key benefits of using vegan skincare.

1. Environment-Friendly

One of the key benefits of utilizing organic vegan skin care products is it promotes sustainability. The production of these products does not interfere with the ability of the environment to provide natural resources. Conversely, chemical-based skincare products often use harsh chemicals that can cause pollution and deforestation. By using organic skincare products, you can have glowing skin while caring for the environment.

2. Animal Cruelty- free

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) strongly disagree in employing animals to test chemical-based skincare products. Fortunately, vegan skincare does not involve any animals during production. 

3. Natural Anti-ageing ingredients

All of the organic skincare products in the market contain a natural anti-aging ingredient that rejuvenates the skin. Most of these cosmetics contain chamomile, essential oils, seaweeds, and aloe vera. These ingredients will make a difference in helping the skin look young and supple.

4. Organic vegan skincare products are of higher quality

Skincare products made from all-natural ingredients are also high-quality products. Besides, they are gentle and more effective on the skin.

5. No side effects

Non-organic and non-vegan skincare products contain harmful chemicals that may increase the chances of developing acne, rash, and dry skin. Some may even boost the chances of developing psoriasis or eczema. Thus, switch to using organic skincare since they have no adverse side effects at all.

Ingredients to Look Out for in a Vegan Skincare

Be on the lookout for these ingredients to ensure that you are applying 100% organic vegan skincare on your skin.

1. Honey

There is still an on-going debate if honey is fit for a vegan diet or not. However, if you intend to take a stand on using organic products, keep an eye on the ones that use honey. Honey contains a natural antioxidant ingredient that is proven effective in making skin glow and radiant. These antioxidants are also a useful anti-aging element.

2. Lanolin

Lanolin gets extracted from a sheep’s wool. The wool has a natural fatty substance that has moisturizing and healing properties.

3. Guanine

Guanines are from fish scales, and they are commonly added to lipsticks and nail polish because it helps in achieving a pearlescent shine.

4. Cochineal Extract

Cochineal extract comes from a Cochineal bug. The bugs are sun-dried and crushed before they mix it to a chemical called Carmine Acid.

Using organic skincare does not entail users to be a vegan to understand the benefits and the side effects of using these products. No agency certifies these products, but PETA tests the products, and they label them as vegan or cruelty-free products.