Benefits of Using Organic Baby Products

It is difficult to navigate the world of being a mom. There is so much information out there, starting with how to induce birth and going through what you should feed the baby, how much you should feed them when you should start solid foods, what your baby should be wearing, what toys are appropriate, and so much more. It gets considerably easy to be overwhelmed as all of this is coming at you when you have likely had very little sleep, as well.

You only want what is best for your child, and because the early stages go by so quickly, it’s challenging to know what to do exactly. Of course, as parents, you only want the absolute best for your child, and for this reason, using organic baby products is often the best way to go. 

What Does Organic Really Mean?

The definition of organic from the board of National Organic Standards states that organic agriculture is an ecological production management program that enhances and promotes biological cycles, biodiversity, and biological activity of soil. Organic agriculture happens based on minimal use of inputs from farms and enhances the harmony of the ecology. There are strict guidelines set by the NOS board, and an item will only be given the title of certified organic when it has meant those standards. 

Over the past ten years, the demand for organic and natural products has increased. The reason for this is because consumers have started to recognize the health benefits of using organic products. There has also been an increase in demand for organic baby products. This interest is because parents want the best for their children, and since a baby’s skin is more delicate than adults, it will absorb more and is less resistant to bacteria. 

Baby Products to Avoid

Some baby products should be avoided. One of these is baby oil. Most of the mass-produced baby oils on the market are made up of mineral oils. It is used because it is easy to find, and it is cheap. Using these oils on your baby can clog the pores and prevent the skin from being able to breathe. In addition, using these types of oils may cause vitamin deficiencies. This plight happens because the oil is absorbed by the skin and then processed by the liver. The nutrients become bound to the oil, which blocks them from being absorbed. Instead of baby oil, try organic essential oils or coconut oil. 

Lotions are another product to avoid. Most scented lotions use phthalates, which are linked to kidney and liver damage and may interfere with the development of the reproductive organs. Parabens are often found in these lotions as well, and they can cause a disruption of the endocrine system and may cause allergic reactions. Once again, organic essential oils may be used as a replacement. 


Overall, organic products are better for your baby for several reasons. First, these products will help to protect your children. The products reduce the use of pesticides and protect the quality of water. Organic fabrics are sturdier and will last much longer, and using these products will save you money in the long run. Finally, using organic products for your baby and your family supports a healthy environment and a true economy.