Benefits of Soft Tissue Grafting

Your oral health is a top priority and needs to be observed to avoid numerous dental conditions. There are many periodontal procedures designed to protect your oral health. Having poor oral hygiene, gum disease, natural aging, and other conditions can lead to excessive gum recession, tooth sensitivity, bone loss, and finally, losing the entire tooth. However, with a soft tissue graft, your specialist replaces the tissue surrounding gums, covers tooth roots, and makes sure such dental issues never return. If you are not sure if you need a soft tissue graft in New York, the following are the benefits of seeing a specialist right away. 

Prevents further gum recession and bone loss

When gum recession strikes, the tissue that surrounds the teeth pulls away from the tooth. It results in exposure of your tooth and sometimes its root too. This is a common condition among many people, and the worst part is that it goes unnoticed until the problem becomes severe. When you have gum recession, it becomes a challenge to prevent bacteria penetration and trauma. The supporting bone gets affected significantly as well. Gum recession is a gradual process and one that many people have trouble noticing. It has many undesirable outcomes, but soft tissue graft surgery should be an excellent choice to ensure no further dental problems.

Protects exposed parts from decay 

Lack of tissue around your teeth can lead to decay if you do not take the right measures. Soft tissue graft covers the exposed roots of your teeth entirely. It might look like a cosmetic fix but it’s more than that. It safeguards your teeth against decay by protecting them against bacteria penetration when the tooth is exposed. 

Improves the aesthetics of your smile

We all want to have a beautiful smile. When you are sure that you look good every time you open your mouth, whether to laugh or talk, you exercise a high level of confidence which can be quite admirable. Your peers and colleagues will notice how good your dental health is, and you might get a few compliments. It is such little things that can be quite satisfying even when you do not notice it. On the other hand, when you have recession and bone loss, you become too shy to smile in public. You will never have confidence and will never be proud of how your teeth look. Such issues can lead to stress and depression. Having poor mental health is the last thing you want to deal with. Luckily, soft tissue grafting has you covered to bring that beautiful smile you have always wanted. 

Reduces tooth sensitivity 

Have you ever eaten something cold or taken a bite and felt like your teeth were cracking out of sensitivity? It can be a very uncomfortable experience that you wish never happens to you again. Soft tissue grafting ensures there is no more recession and bone loss, which reduces tooth sensitivity.

If you are suffering from receding gums or periodontal disease, it is time you did something about it. Consider scheduling an appointment with a soft tissue graft specialist to get your condition attended to by someone good at what they do. The professionals at East Village Dental Center will help you get back on the road to achieving excellent oral health.