Benefits of Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Our skin naturally becomes less vibrant as we age but it does not have to be as bad as other cases. Dr. Samantha Lindsay is a physician who can help your skin retain its youth.

She will do so using aesthetic laser treatments that utilize radio frequencies to rejuvenate your skin. There are over one million cosmetic laser treatments being performed every year due to their benefits.

The following are the benefits of aesthetic laser treatments:

Non-invasive Procedure

One of the major benefits of laser skin rejuvenation is that it is very safe. The reason why it is safe is that it is a non-invasive procedure.

The doctor will simply project the lasers onto your skin. The lasers will heat the underlying layers of the skin to remove damaged tissue without any incision whatsoever.

Since there is no incision, there is literally zero risk of infection. The dead skin cells will automatically be eradicated by the body’s lymphatic system.

Quick Procedure

Aesthetic laser treatment is also as quick as it is safe. You can get it in half an hour over lunch and go on with the rest of your day.

The aesthetic laser treatments are extremely effective and powerful. Just a few minutes of exposure and they effectively rejuvenate your skin.

You will need several procedures for laser treatment to be effective. Four procedures over the course of a month should have great results.

No Downtime

Another benefit of aesthetic laser treatments is that they require no downtime at all. As I said before, you can have a procedure done during lunch and proceed with your day.

The lasers may leave a tender red spot where they were aimed but other than that you should be okay. That is a far cry from other types of skin rejuvenation procedures which take weeks to recover.

Not requiring downtime means that the procedure has minimal interruption to your life. The mental and financial stress of recovery can be a lot to bear.

Tattoo Removal

Aesthetic laser treatments are about rejuvenating your skin from within. In some cases that means removing an unwanted tattoo.

Most people prefer to cover up tattoos rather than remove them. The reason is that the area from which the tattoo is removed usually looks very different from the rest of your skin.

However, with aesthetic laser treatments, your skin will look good and even when you remove a tattoo. It will look as if you had never gotten the tattoo in the first place.


Unlike other skin rejuvenation procedures that need to be repeated every couple of years; an aesthetic laser treatment’s results are permanent. The reason is that the procedure initiates an irreversible change within the body.

Once lasers heat the damaged and old tissue underneath your skin, they are naturally broken down and flushed out by bodily processes. The tissue is replaced with new tissue which will now start to age naturally.

Unless you damage your skin and have to come back for another procedure, aesthetic laser treatment is for life.