Back to Life System Reviews – Erase My Back Pain by Emily Lark Scam?

You sit on your chair whole day and allow dangerous muscular imbalances in. When you attempt to sit up, you experience that same pain pulsing up at your spine and lower back. Pain is so harsh that you want to lay down whole day, however your family or job doesn’t allow so.  This pain also prevents you from appropriate sleeping at night and this pain, sciatica and stiffness can also leads to depression, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, and many other health issues. What to do?

Truth is, the back pain is nearly unavoidable now a days. Modern lifestyle is dangerous to our health and posture, therefore it is no wonder we all are undergoing back pains epidemic.

The biggest problem with back pain is that sufferers are so desperate to get back to their life that they spend fortunes on massage therapy, chiropractic appointments, acupuncture, physical therapies, and other treatments. For few people, pills and surgeries are the only way out. However most of the natural therapies doesn’t work for good. On the other hand pills and surgeries doesn’t work on the root cause and might just leave a sufferer worse off which is why this new back pain system that by Emily Lark caught attention. It offer completely natural solution to back pain by addressing the root cause. It help you to get back to your life by only spending 10 minutes a day.

This Back To Life review will let you know about each and every thing about Emily Lark, her Erase My Back Pain system, programs strong and weak points, how it works and little bit content of this program. So keep reading if you are serious about eliminating your back pain.


About The System – What Back To Life, Back Health System is about?

In this system Emily promises simple series of movements and stretches to relief back pain as soon as possible. Conventional wisdom suggests massaging and stretching the sore muscles can help relief back pain. However Emily says such approach does not always work. Most people fail to realize that it is actually other muscle group that causes pain in your back. For instance, when tight shoulders actually need appropriate stretching of chest muscles. As most people get back pain because of their computer, desk, phone bound lifestyles, they have similar weak spots and imbalances that must be targeted. Erase My Back Pain is actually designed to free you from back pain by addressing such weak spots. It is all natural and effective way to remove back pain. Unlike other treatments that ask  you to go for risky yet ineffective medications, this programs goes a step ahead by teaching you easy and simple stretches and movements to ease and erase your back pain and live well. When you dive into program you come to know it is more than just a back ache relief system.

About Emily Lark – Creator of Erase My Back Pain System

Complete Healthy Back System is created by Emily Lark, who is a wellness and fitness coach working since year 2004. For more than a decade Emily is popular in fitness world as a Pilates and yoga instructor. She teaches at multiple yoga studios in USA. In year 2014 she launched personal fitness studio with aims to provide Pilates and yoga instruction to individuals with all income groups.

Emily’s Story

Her life changes after a car accident at the age of 12. That accident did not create major injuries at first, however after few years she developed a crippling pain in back which spoiled her life quality. She was suggested a surgery by doctors, however she rejected and instead she herself studied for the solution and finally she found a 10 minutes workout routine that really worked and now she is in really good health.

The Emily Lark’s Approach To Erase Back Pain 

Emily’s approach to back pain is based on short & sweet workout routine which you can perform as much as you want until you get relief. She guides and explain the routine, posture and all movements in a great detail. She explains how to target and treat most common imbalances in postures and also helps you empower your core. She suggest that weak core is the major culprits behind back pains.

Program includes demonstration videos for workout routine. There is also a digital book manual which explains more in details. Additionally this system explain what exactly to do in order to keep healthy as well as pain free back for daily life.

Features And Benefits 

It is easy to understand and simple to implement. Instead long content of unworkable fluff, there are high quality videos which gives you instructions to get you on the track. Although videos are not too long, instructions are comprehensive and impressive. You will learn how to;

  • Stretch to relief your back instantly
  • Strengthen core properly. The series of exercises you can do by sitting in a chair
  • Apply mental techniques in order to divert your attention from pains
  • Apply torso twist in order to “wring out” spine
  • Strengthen your glutes sitting in chair
  • Apply static stretches in order to release neck and shoulders
  • Apply glute stretches to ease sciatica
  • Lengthen the hip flexor muscles i.e. sides and front of hips
  • Apply neck stretches in order to fight against forward head postures

The system works in a manner to give you long term health benefits. It features an eBook which teaches how to minimize every day stress and strain on your back and neck. It is geared towards individuals who work long at desk, however the information is for anyone. The topics in eBook are;

  • How to align body’s posture
  • Steps that help you minimize tension and pain while you keep working at desk
  • Best way to sleep when you have back pain and how not to sleep
  • Nutritional advices to stay pain free
  • Daily spinal movements to retain full range motion

Benefits You will Get With Emily Lark’s Approach

There are various health and other benefits you will get when you implement this program on yourself such as

Unlock Natural Abilities of Your Body

First of all, unlike any other program out there, this system provides all natural methods to erase your back pain. So there is no risk of negative side effects. This system teaches you how to completely unlock body’s natural strengths to get back the body’s alignments. As you keep up with the system you will feel younger, stronger, healthier and happier.

No More Back Pain

The main benefit of this system is it works best to erase your back pain, no matter how severe it is.

When you apply the methods and routines of this system you will finally get complete and quality relief which you want to lead healthy, mobile, and better lifestyle

Just Start with 10 Minutes per Day

You will use it by starting with only 10 minutes every day. This initial time investment is the minimum and it return you maximum possible results you are expecting for. There isn’t any need to spend hours at gym and trying methods and techniques that may or may not work well.

Moreover the system is to the point and if you follow it as it is directed you will achieve your goal as soon as possible.

Lose Weight and Feel Healthier

Along with back pain relief, you will also get ways to lose weight and have healthier and happier lifestyle. The methods and moves you will learn in this system will not only erase your back pain, however also help you to slim down in natural and healthy manner.

System is Flexible

This program is portable, you can move it anywhere you need. It is suitable for both men and women of any background. You can add it to your daily schedule no matte at work, home or anywhere.

10 Minutes Back to Life Routine

Erase My Back Pain starts with 10 minutes back to life workout routine. It teaches you each and everything required to know how to reduce pain and symptoms of back pain so that you can eventually overcome most challenging problems of your daily life. As soon as you learn about this routine, you will be able to move on with program’s other methods and systems to experience further improvements in important areas.

Major Components of System

As it is quite unethical in fact illegal to disclose the content of any program, eBook or system. I can only share the few featured component that I learned from the other experts, users, and reviewers about Complete Healthy Back System and Emily Lark. Here are they;

  • Core strengthening moves
  • Techniques for Tight Muscle Relief
  • Stretches for Sciatica relief

You’ll also receive a few bonus materials, completely for free. The additional materials include Back to Life Yoga and Back to Life Guided Meditation.

You will also get bonus materials for free. Free bonuses includes

  • Back to Life Guided Meditation
  • Back To Life Yoga

With main content of Erase My Back Pain, these bonus guides will help you to maximize your daily life experience.

All the moves provide by Emily are easy and simple, however she also demonstrates advanced techniques for individual who need them.

The Ideal User of Emily Lark’s Healthy Back System

Back to Life Complete Healthy Back by Emily Lark is meant for anybody who is looking for natural ways to alleviate back pain, restore activity, mobility and health. Particularly, you will find this system useful if you are experiencing following symptoms or problems.

  • Failure to sleep well at night
  • Facing Challenges regarding improving your health and body and
  • Regular anxiety and stress

If you are one of those having any of above problem, Back to Life is for you. However this system not limited and you can cure numerous health challenges and live a desired life.

What People Liked About Erase My Back Pain in Reviews

  • It is to the point. Emily explains you what actually you need to know and omitted all unnecessary things
  • Videos are much clear to understand and instructions are simple to apply
  • The tone in the videos are very good. Emily proved to be highly professional, gentle and experienced
  • Mindfulness techniques to relief pain are good
  • The workouts can be done at anytime and anywhere
  • Emily Lark is a popular personality, who is credible. You can see her YouTube channel and videos everywhere.
  • It is suitable for anyone even those who have hectic life schedule.

What People disliked About Erase My Back Pain in Reviews

  • Few body movements are too intense and really painful.
  • Program is only available in digital format.
  • Money back guarantee is for only 2 months.

Conclusion – Is Emily Lark’s System Back To Life Worth a Try?

Back To Life Complete Healthy Back System A.K.A. Erase My Back Pain by Emily Lark is a series of stretches and movements created to alleviate back pain. The methods can be applied from your desk, your house, workplace or anywhere else you want. Although it is a comprehensive and effective system, it cannot address each and every problem related to back pain. However it is worth a try for people who have back pain as well as discomfort because of their lifestyle.

Although some of the movements and stretches are pretty known to everyone, sequence that this system teaches you is important and worthy. I cannot remember any one who taught such unique method to back pain. There are ample of positive testimonials on Emily Lark’s webpage, this is quite encouraging that Emily Lark isn’t scam, instead she is credible enough to give a try.