Around The Corner Dental Health Spa Best Dental Services in Town?

What you need to know

Have you ever had that stubborn toothache that never goes away? Worry no more because in 2001, a brilliant mind, Kaveh Kanani, DDS, started Around the Corner Dental Health Spa. The clinic is now situated in Tarzana, California. It is dedicated to giving various dental services to the people of the metropolitan city of Los Angeles, California.

The facility’s main target is to provide you with a homely surrounding once you enter the recently upgraded office. This is ensured by interactive and warm employees who will welcome you when you visit. The whole idea is to ensure you have a family-centered surrounding where you can rest assured that you will get quality service.

At Around the Corner Dental Health Spa, you will interact with a well trained professional team with a specialty in various dental issues experienced by the clientele. Enabled by the latest technology in dental health, they provide a wide range of services such as tooth extractions, laser gum therapy, gum disease treatment, among many others.

4 Critical services provided by Around The Corner Dental Spa

  1. Tooth extraction

This is one of the most sought after services in the dental industry. Many people develop complications when undergoing tooth extraction due to poor artistry. At Around The Corner Dental Spa, you will meet Dr. Kanani, who has over 17 years of experience in solving the most complex issues around teeth removal.

2. Treatment of gum disease

It has been observed that gum disease has been one of the main causes of tooth loss over the years. Early intervention works to prevent this situation. Dr. Kanani insists that if you experience any sign of bleeding gums you should seek medical attention ASAP. Around The Corner Dental Spa believes in prevention first, so stop by for quality treatment.

3. Dental Implants

Most people have a disfigured smile due to the loss of their teeth, either through accidents or cavities. To restore your smile, you are forced to visit a dentist, who often uses very invasive methods to put the implants, such as drilling bone. Dr. Kanani uses the latest techniques of dental implants that do not require drilling of the bone.

  1. Invisalign

For the perfect smile, metallic braces have always been used to align irregular dental formulae. However, at Around The Corner Dental Spa, the latest technique of teeth alignment is used. Clear braces have replaced the metallic ones in recent times because they have an improved aesthetic value on the wearer and are easy to wear.

The Clinic has several testimonials. It is certified in laser teeth whitening, Invisalign services, implant dentistry, PerioProtect service issuance, etc. The practice also has a license to practice oral conscious sedation. Certification is through the Tatum Institute International and American Dental Implant Institute, both reputable bodies.

For more information on how to access our quality services at Around The Corner Dental Spa services, call us or book an appointment via our online booking tool!