Anti-Diet Solution Review – Does It Work or Not?

There are several weight loss guides storming the markets today, some are true to their words while some are just a load of crap that has nothing to offer. Recently awareness is going around about the harmful effects of fat in the body, and these days everyone is a fitness model and bodybuilder. First of all, It wasn’t always this way if I can clearly remember, back in the 80s no one gave a care about weight loss or weight gain, people ate a lot of fatty foods, smoked a lot and walked about without sunscreen (funny) however all that is changing and it is changing for the better.
On planet earth there are thousands of weight loss solutions including pills, gigs and guides. Some of them are true to their words and on the other hand most of them are only heaps of dumbs that are good for nothing and bad for everything. Just recently there is a hype about the harmful effects of body fat and now a days most if not all human beings are planning to become bodybuilder or fitness model. First of all, this thing was not like this in the past. Remember back in 80s not a single person was careful about weight loss/gain, people ate lots of fatty meals, smoked a lot and walked without applying sunscreens, but all this has been changed over the time and it is even changing for better.

Name of the product “Anti Diet Solution” simply suggests that this system isn’t strictly depends on dieting. Instead it gives you with first hand teaching on how to exercise and eat in healthy ways and be fit for rest of existence. Still, the techniques and principles mentioned in this program slightly defiles majority weight loss systems available out there.

About Anthony Alayon – The Author of Anti Diet Solution

Anthony Alayon is the creator of Anti Diet Solution weight loss system. Anthony Alayon is a frequent contributor of bodybuilding at and huge contributor of fitness magazine named Natural Muscle Magazine. He is a certified fitness trainer. He is the same person who voiced as well as narrated Anti Diet Solution movie presentation where he cites himself as a fitness, health and body transformation expert.

As claimed by Anthony Alayon he hold an exercise science degree. He has helped several popular celebrities such as Tyrone Mckenzie and Carmine Giardina in their fitness training sessions. Anthony has also brought to inception many other weight loss guides such as Fat Extinciton, Body Fat Analysis and 101 Toxic Food Ingredients. According to University of Florida, Anthony Alayon has been a big icon in fitness and health industry.

All About Anti Diet Solution – Program Overview

The program created by Anthony Alayon is an eBook which is ready for download as soon as you pay required price. After that you will get the access to a PDF format eBook, by just complying with instructions provided in email which will be sent to you.

Key Points embedded in Anti Diet Solution eBook are;

It will teach you what makes your foods either good or bad and also explain in details what food will help you burn body fat and foods that just spoon feed your body with fat.

What Will You Learn From Anti Diet Solution?

  • In this eBook you will be able to understand the difference between good and bad bacteria
  • It shows you 100 of calorie snack packs and diet drinks and many other foods that store extra fat in your body.
  • You will be able to find out how your body metabolism aids to burn fat in your body.
  • You will also discover the reasons why some traditional weight loss exercise and diet systems are not effective for weight loss.
  • This is a perfect guide for overall health because it helps you to know how to eat perfect diets as well as guide yourself against diseases like diabetes and Alzheimers
  • You will be able to find workouts that can burn fat at faster rate possible.
  • You will be also be able to hold complete healthy probiotic diet for around 28 days
  • It also explains few life hacks which could assist you to cheat on meals and still burn more fat while you eat
  • You will learn how to detoxify your blood stream and cleanse off your body
  • You will find the fruits that are favorite of creator and can be used as a perfect fat burner despite of age, race or gender.
  • You will also learn methods to reduce risks of infections, bones problems as well as hormonal imbalances.

Primary components of Anti Diet Solution eBook are main book and 28 Days Fast Start Diet. 

The main eBook comprises of 45 page PDF version which explains how, when and why we gain extra weight and the different methods that individual try to lose weight do not work. The eBook includes;

  • The 28 Days Fast Start Diet
  • 50 Natural Healthy Cures To Protect Body From Disease & Reverse Aging
  • Enzyme Rich Slimming Food
  • Anti Diets Solution

Anti-Diet Solution is further divided into 8 chapters

  1. The Personal Trainer Who Helped a Grandmother Lose 84 Pounds
  2. Good Bacteria v/s. Bad Bacteria in Foods
  3. Good Foods v/s. Bad Foods
  4. How Your Body’s Metabolism Works to Burn Calories
  5. How Eating a Good Diet Can Help You Avoid Diseases
  6. Cheat Meals
  7. Exercises That Can help Burn Fat
  8. Summary and Conclusion

How Does It Work?

This informative weight loss guide help you to understand why some foods aren’t good in losing weight and what food should you eat instead. It help you to discover specific foods that are not available even in most popular diets. This guide explains how such foods help in healing your body and give you a chance to lose body fat in particular areas of your body.

Throughout his eBook Anthony discusses about inflammation. It seems that he focuses on foods that stops exercising inflammation. In this eBook you get lots of researched based information about how foods causes inflammation and makes you fat consequently.

However, when someone avoid eating wrong foods and begin eating right ones, they do not just set their body up to only losing weight. It decreases aging, boost energy levels, prevent diseases as well as makes you healthier in all ways. Anthony Alayon claims that you can drop around 5 inches off of stubborn body areas as soon as you start implementing these strategies.

As all this need a change in your daily diet, Anthony Alayon says you will begin to crave fat burning foods which are the major part of this weight loss system. You would not need foods like sweets that creates problems inside your body and increase fats.

Who is this program meant for – User of Anti Diet Solution

The best thing about this program is that it can be used by almost everyone struggling to reduce weight, can eat healthy and care about their body. Additionally, Anthony Alayon clearly explain that this program isn’t a miracle pill or one night working guide that will give a model type body in just few hours.

Don’t expect to lose fat or pounds overnight because such techniques take time for effectiveness. This program includes exercise and diet habits aimed at lasting for whole life that if religiously implement would definitely end up with happy and healthy life and desired physique. However progress isn’t short based because it need real effort and time.

But Anthony says he claims this isn’t strictly diet based. In honesty, when it is about weight loss, unfortunately there is no switch button that activate body leanness. As researcher and scientists claims there are more than 100 fat genes, and for individuals with fat genes i.e. FTO they may gain more pounds as compared to those without. This is fine when you fall in FTO category because fat can only be maintained not completely eliminated.

Anti Diet Solution by Anthony Alayon is best solution for individuals who have explored dieting realm and they are now fed up of such empty claims and promises by most if not all weight loss programs. But, this eBook does not make those useless promises. This program is sincere with its users and explains the honest and cold realities that you can practically put into efforts to earn the body shape you really need.

High Lights of Anti Diet Solution

  • The techniques both diet and exercise used in this program are effective and tested.
  • It eradicates use of supplements and pills that have negative side effects.
  • The techniques and diet plans used in this program are entirely natural and safe to use.
  • All weight loss methods and diet techniques are simple to understand and easy to implement
  • You will learn to implement incredible ways to live fit and healthy life.
  • You will be receiving all the knowledge from certified fitness experts.
  • Program is backed by a 60 days money back guarantee. No question asked no hidden policies, just say you are not satisfied and you will get full refund

Low Lights of Anti Diet Solution

  • As other weight loss system online, this is also a digital product. You need an internet connection to download it. To get a printed version you have to do it yourself.
  • Although it is simple and easy to understand and implement, you need a commitment and patience to see results. This program isn’t meant for someone who want results in days.

With Anti Diet Solution, Anthony Alayon is gives some extra information for free;

  1. Enzyme Rich Foods: This is an eBook that help you learn about the foods that are rich in enzymes and probiotic.
  2. Probiotic Diet Full: In this you will get information about how to make your personal probiotic diet effective
  3. Natural Healing Cures: This one is a powerful guide which most if not all people will be grateful for. It provide you numerous solutions and tips for anxiety, acne and headache. It also teaches about sinusitis, stress allergies and the best part is that all such treatments are easily accessible as homemade remedies.
  4. Arthritis Reversed: Here you will find various ways to ditch pain of arthritis and can enjoy the relief within 30 days.
  5. 7 Back Pain Cure: This eBook is to teach how to relief from back pains without going to a doctor or using any type of medicine or undergoing surgeries despite the severity of the pain.

Final Thoughts About Anti Diet Solution

Anti Diet Solution by Anthony Alayon is one of the comprehensive guide which explains why most if not all the dieters fail. On the other hand other individuals find it nearly effortless to sustain healthy weight without trying. As soon as you grasp major secrets of the program, you will soon understand why the previous attempts have resulted in disappointment and you will be happy to learn that weight loss is really much simpler as compared to the myths you simply know.

As it is simple to dismiss initial promises if you are a skeptical person, there is no denial that creator of this program Anthony Alayon is highly popular person in world of fitness, and his captivating  approach to natural or reliable weight loss is something cannot be ignore.

It is important that along with positive feedbacks online, there are also positive reviews and testimonials from fitness bloggers, expert critics and also famous popular celebrities who used this program. Therefore it is for sure that strategies given by Anthony Alayon pass standard peer reviews expected from weight loss guide.

Although ideas in this system are counterintuitive, they are yet backed by scientific proofs. Generally, it is safe to state that Anti Diet Solution offers unique as well as interesting method to weight loss that most if not all individuals find it useful.