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Alternative sleep apnea treatment options

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is one of the most common treatment options for sleep apnea. The machine transmits a consistent flow of airway pressure to the throat which makes sure that airway remains open during the sleep. This is how an effective treatment is carried out by dealing with periodic pauses in breath.

Even though one can get access to the best CPAP machines by digitizd, some patients avoid wearing the mask for some reasons. Fortunately, medical industry has come up with different alternatives. Here are some of them listed that can be beneficial to the patients:

  1. Oral/dental appliance

Dental and oral appliances have emerged immensely in popularity. Sleep apnea patients have appreciated this alternative a lot in recent times. The devices prevents the airway from collapsing. It holds the tongue in a position or slides the patient’s jaw forward so they can breathe when they are sleeping.

Oral appliance can be generally used by every patient but it is recommendable for those who are victimized by mild or moderate sleep apnea which is not tolerable.

  1. Surgery

Surgery for sleep apnea is another alternative which is gradually becoming known to the patients. It eliminates or reduces the additional tissue in the throat that collapses and blocks the airway when patient is sleeping.

Even though some surgeries seem normal, some appear to be more complex. It is not the right choice for every other patient. Drawbacks may include bleeding, pain and wiring of jaws for several days. One may need to get admitted in the hospital for several days.

  1. Weight management program

Weight loss, in certain circumstances, eliminate the symptoms of sleep apnea. Overweight people usually have thick necks with an additional tissue in the throat which may block the airway.

Weight management programs are for those people who are overweight and can physically engage in the program. However, it must be noted that losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean eliminating the concerns related with sleep apnea. It tends to be effective in some cases only.

  1. Positional therapy

This is one of those behavioral strategies to tackle the issue of positional sleep apnea. Some people may face this issue when they are sleeping on their back. This is known as the supine position. The breathing turns out be normal when they are sleeping on their side.

A special device may be worn during the positional therapy around the back or waist which helps you keep sleeping on your side, therefore avoiding this issue.

  1. Changing everyday habits

A number of changes in the everyday lifestyle can help address the issue. Sleep apnea and snoring can be addressed easily in this manner. Simple changes like quitting smoking or giving up on alcohol can eliminate this issue.

Alcohols contributes to the disease by relaxing the throat muscle causing to snore more and consequently the airway collapses. This is why certain behavioral changes are necessary in order to get a restful sleep. However, it is important to consistently comply with the treatment.