All You Need To Know About Obstetrics and Gynecology

Gynecology and obstetrics are subjects that deal with female reproductive systems. Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, gynecology, and complications involve treating women who are pregnant. Marion obstetrics and gynecology help you navigate every stage of pregnancy, control and identify potential problems early, and make choices.   

Difference between Obstetrics and Gynecology

  1.     Obstetrics

Obstetrics specializes in the well-being of a pregnant woman and her baby. Some complications arise during pregnancy, such as problems in the placenta, ectopic pregnancy, or high blood pressure, causing a severe illness called pre-eclampsia.

Obstetricians are trained to deal with these and many other complications and ensure both the baby and the mother are guided safely throughout the pregnancy period. Medical specialists of obstetrics have made childbirth and pregnancy a life-changing event, knowing that modern medicine has made the process predictable and safe.

  1.     Gynecology

Most gynecologists are also obstetricians. Gynecology focuses on all women’s reproductive health from puberty through menopause and beyond. Women see their gynecologists for their annual pelvic exam and Pap test.

Also, they visit the gynecologist for genital or breast problems, pain or infections, or discomfort in the uterus. Gynecologists also assist with contraceptives and infertility issues.

Gynecology diagnoses and treats diseases of the reproductive organs, such as cancer of the uterus, vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus. A gynecologist also treats pelvic organs and pelvic floor disorder. This condition affects women in postmenopausal with weak pelvic muscles that cannot support the bladder or the uterus correctly.

Other diseases treated are irregular and painful menstruation, conditions related to menopause, which may involve surgery, yeast, bacterial infections, and painful intercourse.

Many doctors specialize in both gynecology and obstetrician to provide full care services to their patients. These doctors are known as obstetrics gynecologists (OB-GYNs)

Functions of an Obstetrician

Obstetricians and gynecologists deal with the well-being of females, especially dealing with pregnant mothers. Functions and procedures that they perform include:

Obstetricians work in collaboration with midwives to help and monitor delivery in a woman during labor.

They facilitate delivery by performing episiotomy to enlarge the birth canal of a pregnant mother.

Sometimes labor might require assistance to hasten the process to reduce fetal distress and fatigue. This uses methods like vacuum-assisted delivery and forceps delivery.

The cesarean section requires surgical removal of the baby from the womb to reduce complications that arise during labor. The difficulties may cause damage to the newborn or death unless delivery is done with the C section.

Treatment and diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy. This pregnancy occurs when the fertilized ovum is implanted outside the womb. Mostly it gets embedded in the fallopian tubes.

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