After Sickness Realization: Questions You Never Want to Ask Yourself

We all get sick. Some sicknesses are normal like viral and some are very dangerous like cancer which makes a person die. The hardest part is the realization of after sickness, the questions you never want to ask yourself, the questions which make you scared of losing your life, and even the question of how to be cleared of debt after getting hospitalized.

The worst part of sickness realization is that you cannot undo it, the loss has already done. No matter how you fall sick, because of your unhealthy lifestyle or by getting infected with a virus, you cannot do anything but to do your treatment in hospital. Here are some questions you will never want to ask yourself when you are sick:

What if I followed a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is very important to make your body function smoothly. It is certain that if you have a habit of drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, then one day you will fall sick because of your habit. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes make your body weak slowly and slowly, and the day will come when you will be on the hospital bed realizing your mistakes and finding ways to undo your mistakes at the right time.

Was it necessary to be awake for so long at night?

A good sleep is very important for your mind to function. If you are not getting a proper sleep, you will be captured in various sleep-related issues. Insomnia can affect your health very badly. It will make you sick and you will just regret why you did not sleep properly at night. Were watching late night movies and playing games so much more important than your health?

How will you meet the expenses of hospital bills and medicines?

It’s certain that you if you have a very serious sickness, then it will cost very much to cure your health completely, and if your financial condition is not so good, then you will be in debt if you get hospitalized. Then the question is, how to get out of debt quickly? How will you manage to pay the bills of the hospital, your medicines? You will get the realization of why and how you got in this situation.

What if you die?

We all want to be alive, happy, live our lives and fulfill our parents dreams for us, but what if one day all just stopped and you died just because of your sickness. As earlier said, your sickness can be so much vital that it can kill you. You will think on your hospital bed lying about your death, counting your days and crying about your fate.


Life is uncertain, but it does not mean that we waste our life indulging in unhealthy habits thinking that anything can happen to life so why not enjoy it. Enjoying your life does not mean getting into drugs, drinking alcohols, smoking cigarettes, eating lots of junk food or doing whatever you want to do.

You can enjoy your life by being healthy and fit, by spending time with your families, by fulfilling their dreams. What’s the point of living a life when you have a fear of getting sick, fear of death, fear of not meeting the aspirations of your parents? There is no point at all, so it’s best to live a healthy life where you don’t have to spend all your money on your medication and get in debt. Be healthy and avoid diseases. Give your life a meaningful cause and make your parents proud.