Advanced Treatments for Vascular Complications in Camillus, NY

Along the way, you may encounter vascular complications like varicose veins, venous insufficiency, spider veins, venous ulcers, and leg pain. Surgical Care East, PLLC, ensures that you can access the best vascular care in a comfortable environment. If you need a Camillus, NY vascular surgeon, call the practice or book an appointment online to meet Dennis Resetarits, MD, for a fully personalized experience.

Services Offered at Surgical East, PLLC

  •       VenaSeal™ is an innovative solution for varicose and spider veins using a medical-grade adhesive in closing off problematic veins and reinstating healthy circulation to every body part. You are protected from downtime and side effects that may prevent you from resuming physical exercises. VenaSeal is beneficial for a patient of any age, gender, or race.
  •       Varicose veins. Dr. Resetarits considers individual signs and symptoms of varicose veins to determine the best treatment. He may use VenaSeal™ closure system, sclerotherapy, Venefit™ endovenous radiofrequency ablation, or ambulatory (microhook) phlebectomy. You’re granted relevant guidance for a faster recovery and lifestyle changes to avoid varicose veins from reappearing.
  •       Sclerotherapy is effective in the permanent removal of varicose and spider veins. Your treatment is scheduled to last for about thirty minutes. You may have an anesthetic cream or injection at the point of treatment in place of sedation. It’s best to abide by Dr. Resetarits aftercare instructions to achieve and maintain optimal results.
  •       Phlebectomy treats varicose veins that are resistant to procedures like endovenous ablation and sclerotherapy. You can visit Surgical Care East, PLLC, for the outpatient procedure, which involves removing damaged sections of veins in the affected area. Your recovery is free of discomfort if you are obedient to your after instructions.
  •       Venous insufficiency can cause complications like leg ulcers and tissue death in the long run. You should avoid sitting, standing, and keeping your legs static for long. Other preventive measures include losing weight, quitting smoking, and having regular exercise. Dr. Resetarits considers individual symptoms when handling venous insufficiency.
  •       Leg pain. Dr. Resetarits conducts a conclusive physical exam and review of your family medical history and examines your legs for tenderness, swellings, and other symptoms of varicose veins. He analyzes the information to find the most suitable treatment for your leg pain, addressing the root cause of your symptoms.
  •       Venous ulcers. Dr. Resetarits uses the latest equipment and treatment options for venous ulcers. Your treatment involves cleaning and dressing the wound and proceeding to find the underlying causes. You may visit Surgical Care East, PLLC, for specialized wound care and improving circulation in your leg through minimally invasive interventions.
  •       Venefit™ collapses your diseased veins using radio wave energy. Patients with venous insufficiency are qualified for a Venefit treatment. You may need compression stockings for a couple of days for a quick and flawless recovery. After the procedure, you may need to opt for a healthier lifestyle to avoid stubborn varicose veins’ reemergence.

Bottom Line

To discover more concerning the services highlighted above, book an appointment online or call Surgical Care East today. You are assured of a fully customized treatment plan targeting your underlying symptoms and causes such that you can live a healthier life.