Achieve Facial Harmony Using Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

Peanut butter and jelly make an excellent combination. But did you know that the same can be said about chin augmentation and rhinoplasty? Your New York chin augmentation specialist, Norman Joseph Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS, is pleased to let you know that you can achieve your beauty goals by going for the two procedures at once. You get complimentary results to help enhance your appearance. Here is what your doctor has to say about the two procedures to help address your concerns.

How Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Work Together for Your Best Results

Most patients wonder how these two procedures can help their faces achieve harmony. If one area in your face is disproportionate, this can affect your whole face. The chin and nose are prominent parts in determining your facial appearance. It is vital to understand what each procedure can help achieve to help you get the whole picture when the two are combined.  

  •       Rhinoplasty: This procedure is used to contour and reshape the nose. During surgery, bone cartilage may be removed to help make your nose appear smaller.
  •       Chin Augmentation: This procedure involves placement of an implant over the chin bone to increase its size. This helps even out a prominent nose so that your face can have a proportionate appearance. Chin augmentation can also be used to enhance the appearance of your lower face. It is vital to balance the two so that you can have the best cosmetic results. The two procedures help enhance the appearance of your lower and middle face.

The Benefits of Pairing Procedures Together: One Surgery, Two Results

You will only make a single trip to Norman Joseph Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS’s office for chin augmentation and rhinoplasty procedures. We now look at the benefits of pairing procedures together.

  •       Less downtime: Recovering from two surgeries simultaneously is a plus to help you return to work and do the things you like.
  •       More affordable: When going for plastic surgery, the cost of anesthesia and operating room form a significant part of the total cost. Making one trip to the operating room will allow you to spend less.
  •       One surgery: Nobody likes going under the knife.  Pairing procedures together helps minimize pre-surgery fears and reduces surgical risks.
  •       Better results: Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty work together for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Will my recovery time increase when I add Rhinoplasty to my Chin Augmentation?

After your chin operation surgery, you will take two weeks off from work. The downtime is the same when you combine the procedure with rhinoplasty. You will hit two birds with one stone. 

What are the available Non-Surgical Options for Chin Reshaping?

You can reshape your chin and jawline without surgery. Norman Joseph Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS and his team use Botox to relax the muscle. The shape of your lower face can be altered if your masseter muscle is large. Your doctor uses a small amount of Botox, and your ability to smile or chew will not be affected.