A Guide To The Different Clear Skin Exercises

Exercise can really help improve skin dramatically. It gets the blood flowing through the body and this can really have a very positive impact. Here are some of the best exercises.

1 – Zumba


Zumba is one of the most popular high-intensity dance workout routines currently in circulation.  It is derived from a South American dance style and is enjoyed by millions of Brits on a weekly basis.  When enjoying high-intensity dancing activities, such as Zumba, you will experience an increase in the blood flowing to your skin cells carrying nutrients and oxygen.  The nutrients nourish the skin cells keeping them healthy and offering a fresh-faced appearance.  Moreover, the improved blood circulation can remove toxins from the body before they can begin damaging healthy skin cells.




ZumbaStudies have indicated that the ‘stress hormone‘ cortisol can increase the overall effects of acne, eczema, and rosacea.  It does this by informing the cells to produce more oil and cause misalignment in the skin’s oil production balance.  By engaging in regular yoga classes, it is possible to eliminate the procedure by aligning the body with the mind using controlled breathing and movement.  The tranquil state of mind reduces the amount of cortisol in the body; thereby, leading to a reduction in skin redness, breakouts, and irritation.

Yoga is always recommended for patients seeking a natural age-boosting treatment, with particular focus on the ‘downward dog’ pose.  This position will send blood to the face and reduce wrinkles in the skin.


RunningContrary to popular belief, running and perspiring can be beneficial when looking for an exercise to clear your skin according to Dore Aesthetics.  Building up this sweat is similar to going for a facial because once the body temperature rises; the pores start to become warmer as well.  The sweat or perspiration felt is expelled from the body, and with it goes all the trapped oil and dirt in the skin cells.  Studies have found that sweating can be beneficial for flushing out toxins which may not pass through the body easily, such as phthalates.  This leaves the skin free of any detrimental dirt or debris – just remember to wash your face after the run.




It is a well-known fact that chlorine has a drying effect on a person’s skin.  This is due to the high chemical levels; however, patients with problematic skin conditions may find chlorine properties to be beneficial.  The antibacterial properties can also assist in attacking blemish-causing bacteria because of the drying effect soaking up excessive oil and sebum.  Oil and sebum production are the core reasons for breakouts with skin irritation; therefore, swimming may be highly beneficial for people with acne.


5-Weight Training

Weight TrainingAnother well-known fact is that as we age, our skin will begin to lose its flexibility and elasticity resulting in looser skin with fine lines.  By implementing regular weight training and strength building routines in an exercise regime, you can tone muscles lying underneath the skin’s surface.  This will result in a tighter and more toned appearance.





6-Resistance Training

Resistance Training

By using your own weight as a challenging element, it is possible to plump the skin and provide anti-aging results.  As is mentioned, aging skin will begin to lose elasticity and there will be an appearance of fine lines with wrinkles.  Resistance training stimulates the collagen in the body making the skin appear more supple and thicker.  This form of training is also beneficial as a means of reducing any signs of cellulite.





One of the best exercises available for people with rosacea is pilates.  Pilates is a low-intensity exercise creating to improve flexibility, physical strength, posture, and enhance a person’s overall mental awareness.  While it can be used as high-intensity training, this format will increase the effects of rosacea instead of eliminating them by triggering facial redness, flushing, and skin irritation.  Unlike many other types of clear skin exercises, pilates is beneficial because it does not increase the individual’s heart rate – an act that can trigger skin irritation dramatically.






This cardio program can assist a person with skin conditions by stimulating collagen production in the skin; as well as increasing the amount of growth hormone released in the body – essential for maintaining a healthy appearance.  When working in conjunction, collagen product and human growth hormone release can support the skin, improve elasticity, and stimulate any new production of skin cells.



One of the primary reasons why a person would choose cycling is to increase blood circulation through the body.  This promotes nutrients being sent to skin cells, and can also assist in removal of toxins from the system protecting the body from any bacterial infections.  Oddly enough, air pollution can damage a person’s skin; however, cycling can protect the skin from pollution and is a great means of gaining fresh air into the lungs.




10-HiiT Training

HiiT Training

An alternation between toning exercises and high-intensity cardio workout routines can have a beneficial effect on the skin cells.  Using a HiiT routine, it is possible to remove toxins from the body and send oxygen through the skin cells leaving you with a fresh appearance.