8 Simple Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Losing weight isn’t as simple as calories in and calories out – it’s more complex than that. These simple tricks however will help you shed some pounds.

  1. Let the Garbage Pile Up

The trick here is to keep fruit peels, candy wrappers, chicken bones, and nutshells, among others, to use as a reminder of how much you have consumed in a sitting. For many people, seeing how much you have had (in the form of leftovers and garbage) gives them a full-feeling, hence not want to have another serving. This is particularly recommended for those looking to watch their weight, but cannot determine how much food is enough per sitting.

  1. Hang Out with People of Different Sizes

According to research, most people are more comfortable in the company of friends/people with similar goals and ambitions. We tend to be attracted to the people we share religious beliefs or political views with, origin, as well as weights. That said, hanging out with individuals of various sizes and weights can, however, help you want to shed a few pounds, and especially if you are obese. This is according to an article published in the Journal of Obesity in 2016.  According to the study, you are more likely to lose weight if you hang out with people of different body sizes.

  1. Change How You Think

What you feed your mind determines how well you will succeed. An excellent example of this is how you see the foods you eat, e.g., vegetables. For some, vegetables are a considerable trade-off to the good life and juicy meats out there. If you, however, see vegetables as a lesser food than others, and that it doesn’t help you achieve your goal, then chances are you won’t do them. Changing your perspective and seeing veggies as necessary can help your mission/goal a lot. Weight loss is a somewhat complex and to understand issue and to grasp it more, then you may be wise to read this article about nutrition and weight gain. You need to have a better perspective on the ‘recommended’ foods for weight loss for it to work.

  1. Choose Brighter Lights

While a candle-lit dinner is considered romantic, you’ll want to brighten things up if watching your weight and looking to shed some off.  A well-lit area makes it easier to see what you are having; hence you can choose what is healthy from what isn’t. The bright light also causes you to be self-aware.

  1. Avoid Diet Drinks

While diet soda may seem like a healthier option, this isn’t exactly true. One of the reasons is that it still contains artificial sweeteners and enhancers that could increase your calorie intake. This is one of the reasons why health experts recommend drinking water or fresh juice instead. Studies also show that diet drinks do contribute to weight gain, hence not good for your health.

  1. Outsource Portion Control

Portion control makes it possible to watch, and lose, weight even without hitting the gym or exercise. It is all in the amount of food you can eat per sitting. Knowing exactly how much ice cream you should have per day, among other dishes, gives you an upper hand in controlling how much you can eat. This may entail shopping for a new set of containers and dishes calibrated to measure singer services of different foods. Another way to control your portions would be to buy foods pre-packaged in single-servings.  Just be sure to try the right portion control dishes for the best results.

  1. Have Your Meals in the Dining Room

Have a designated area where you can have your meals in the house. Studies show that you are more likely to eat uncontrollably in the kitchen as compared to if you were in the dining room.  While open-kitchens might be the trend today, you need to resist the urge to have your meals in the kitchen. The easy access to food gives you away, one of the reasons many people find themselves eating more than they need to.  One way to do this would be to serve your food, then take your plate to the dining room. There’s a good chance you will be satisfied with the single-serving as compared to it you could still access ‘extra’ food.  You could also try eating lots of fat-burning foods for the same results.

  1. Rub A Little Vanilla on Your Wrists

Some scents, such as vanilla, are known to lower a person’s appetite. Although there still isn’t enough proof for this, Mayo Clinic recommends trying this route, but with caution. This is because the scents may not have any effect on you. If they do, rubbing a little vanilla to your wrists will help reduce your appetite. This means you will only be having fewer servings per day – making it possible to shed off some weight. If this doesn’t, however, work, you can always try the tried and tested weight loss methods – exercise and reduce your calorie intake.