8 Essential Items You Need to Carry in Your Gym Bag

Planning to join a gym? Have a plan for a serious workout? Want to get the full benefit of your time spending in the gym? Well, then besides a well-equipped gym, you need a proper gym kit bag also. Your gym bag should be unique, reflecting the fitness ambitions and your personality. Before you hit the gym, pay close attention and confirm all the essentials are in the proper position in your bag whether it is your fitness shirt or protein drink. Supporting stuff is as important as gym equipment.

Dress Appropriately

Without quality and appropriate workout outfits, your workout won’t give you the desired results. Working out will make you sweaty and most likely irritable. To adjust to rigors of a workout regimen, make sure that you are wearing comfortable workout clothes. Exercising requires different movements, changes in posture, and flexibility in movement. Therefore, you need dresses that offer you the freedom to move your limbs. Any dress that’s not appropriate will be counterproductive and likely to leave you with nasty lesions or rashes. Also, make the choice between fitness shirt or sleeveless vest depending on the movements and the weather. While in tropical climates, sleeveless wear might suit, that is not true of cooler climes. Of course, most gyms have regulated temperatures and controlled climatic conditions. So, you have a little more leeway with your dress. But, be sure to carry spare dresses as you would need them when you come out of the gym. Also, oftentimes you would need a shower after a workout session. Do carry your own bathing accessories especially towels and your preferred shower gels, etc. For underwear, like a sports bra for women, absolute care should be taken to choose the right size that provides adequate support.



Sneakers should be the only choice you have when you are in a gym. It’s very important to wear shoes with rubber soles in the gym. The rubber helps absorb shocks and the fabric of a good sneaker protects the rest of your feet from injury. Remember to choose a pair that is gentle on your feet and allows them to breathe. Compact shoes that do not offer breathing space is likely to leave you with smelly feet and encourage fungal growth. Always carry a spare pair of shoes to be on the safe side in case your main pair runs into any problem.


Most people find music extremely motivating. Use your phone or an Mp3 player. Be sure to always have a pair of headphones in your gym bag. Many people like engrossing music so that they can simply focus on their task and forget everything around. Load your preferred music, create your playlist, put on your headphones and shut the external world out.

Water Bottle

Your water bottle is probably the most important item in your gym bag, You can get your customize water bottle from custom Camelbak to stay motivated in Gym during exercise. You need to stay hydrated throughout your workout. Remember to carry water that you have on a regular basis.

Shaker Bottle

A gym bag isn’t complete unless it contains a quality shaker bottle. You can use it for your all of your refreshment needs. It can hold your pre and post-workout supplements or shake up your post-workout protein. Those who aim for fat loss should bring their own fat burner supplement so that they realize their goals pretty quickly.

Workout Log

A workout log is an essential to steady progress. Use your workout journal to record sets, reps, weights, and rest. A gym log is a crucial tool for anyone trying to build their best self. You can keep a quality heart rate monitor in your gym bag for regular check-up and record. Many multi-function watches are now available which also monitor your heart rate when lifting weights or doing cardio. Some of these monitors also estimate the total calories burned. Keep one in your gym kit bag and use at the right time for better results.


The fact is, when you work out hard, you sweat equally hard. The person using the abdominal bench after you aren’t going to thank you for your sweaty prints. It is always a good idea to take a small towel to the gym with you so that you can mop your brow and the puddles you leave behind. It’s called gym etiquette friends!


Never arrive at the gym without a snack full of complex carbohydrates and some lean protein. It will neither fill you to the brim nor allow you to slip from your exercise, for lack of energy. There is nothing worse than coming out of the gym feeling starving and go for some junk food. Tide yourself over with a nutrition bar or a piece of fruit, so that you won’t be tempted to buy that chocolate bar or cookies before you get home.