8 Effective Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is made in the liver and plays an essential role in the normal functioning of the body. However, the bad cholesterol accumulates in the arteries and puts you at risk of heart diseases and vascular issues. Research has shown that a 10% drop in cholesterol drops the heart attack risk by more than 20%. You can work with a doctor to adjust the cholesterol level appropriately. A Boynton Beach high cholesterol specialist awaits for those living nearby. 

It is good to compliment medications with some simple lifestyle changes that will help lower cholesterol levels and set you off on a healthy road. Here are things to do:

  1.     Shift away from trans fats

American Heart Association says consuming too much trans fats raises blood levels of bad cholesterol and reduces levels of good cholesterol. Some sources of trans fats include margarine, fried foods, and prepackaged foods. Ban foods that are labeled “partially hydrogenated oil” to help reduce risks of heart diseases.

  1.     Opt for fish and olive oil

Red meat exposes you to saturated fat that can increase the risks of a heart attack. Replacing them with fish rich in omega 3 fats can reduce this risk. Instead of eating butter, try olive oil, which reduces levels of bad cholesterol.

  1.     Go for more fiber

Soluble fiber keeps the body from absorbing cholesterol by creating a thick paste in the digestive tract. This lowers LDL cholesterol while also promoting health. However, too much soluble fiber can cause constipation and stomach pain. The level of consumption should increase gradually.

  1.     Quit smoking

Smoking changes how the body reacts to levels of cholesterol. The smoker’s immune cells do not return cholesterol from the vessels for transport to the liver as necessary. Overall, this leads to clogged arteries and heart problems. Smoking has also been linked to low levels of HDL. Quitting smoking reverses these effects.

  1.     Lose weight

Weight loss increases the absorption of cholesterol and reduces the creation of new cholesterol. A study showed that those who are assigned weight loss diets had an increased HDL level and low levels of bad cholesterol.

  1.     Use alcohol in moderation.

Alcohol promotes the transport of cholesterol from blood vessel walls to the liver. It also improves the levels of HDL in the body and reduces risks of heart disease. However, too much alcohol causes liver cirrhosis and increases dependence.

  1.     Exercise

Working out for 30 minutes a day for at least five times a week improves cholesterol levels. It improves the levels of good cholesterol and decreases the level of LDL. Aerobic activity is also essential as it increases the heart rate to 75%. Longer durations of exercise result in better outcomes.

  1.     Prepare foods differently

You can remove the skin and fats and in red meat and fish to make sure you only get the protein in them. Move away from deep frying and adopt other methods like baking and boiling.

However, it is not every time that lifestyle changes will lower cholesterol levels. They could result from preexisting conditions. If you are concerned about cholesterol levels in your body, consider seeking a doctor’s advice. At Nguyen Medical Group, you will get all services to prevent and treat high cholesterol. Book an appointment now.