A Whole New You: 7 Ways to Tone Your Body Shape in a Matter of Weeks

Of all the things in life, our health is paramount. Physical fitness and being active contributes immensely towards good health. It reduces ones’ risk to life-threatening diseases such as stroke and diabetes. We’re all worried about our public image, more so how we look. Are we attractive enough? Do we get complimented every now and then? These are just but some of the questions that linger in our minds. Being in good shape will do you more good than harm. It’s a plus. It boosts your self-confidence which in turn results in better relationships and a life filled with energy.

These 7 ways of toning up your body shape below will leave you happier and in love with yourself.

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Eat lean protein foods
  3. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  4. Cardio exercises
  5. Resistance training
  6. Yoga
  7. Detoxification

Having listed the 7 ways of toning up your body, let us delve deeper.

  • Drink lots of water;

Water is a very vital component of our dietary. Water will help your body do away with toxins in it. Drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day will greatly help your body not to mention your skin. Water is calorie free. As such, choose it over juice or milk for that matter. Alcohol causes the body to retain water. If your goal is to tone up your body, steer away from alcohol. Alcohol also contains other harmful substances.

  • Eat lean protein foods;

Protein can be found in meat, vegetables as well as legumes. When it comes to meat, fish is the best. With fish, you get all the protein your body needs. If you happen to be a vegetarian, legumes will do. Black beans and fava beans are some of the legumes that you can incorporate in your diet. Remember, you’re trying to achieve a toned body. As such, eat as little red meat as you can. Eating lots of lean protein foods will with no doubt help you achieve that muscle tone that you desire.

  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits;

Apart from providing the body with essential vitamins, vegetables also aid in digestion. Vegetables also provide the body with that extra vital hydration. Good thing is, have very few calories. Leafy green vegetables such as kales, broccoli, and spinach nourish your body with vitamins K, C, and A. It is always advisable that you start your day with a smoothie made out of veggies. Fruits, on the other hand, nourish your body with the so much needed fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Having several servings of fruits a day is a big plus and you will surely tone your body to desired results. It is advisable that you substitute fruit juice with whole fruits as they have fiber. The fiber in fruits has got loads of advantages. It slows the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the bloodstream and reduces constipation.

  • Cardio exercises;

Cardio exercises do your body a great favor when it comes to toning. As they get your heart rate up, they increase the overall fitness of your body. having morning or evening runs and walks will help you tone up your body. trying out other activities such as swimming or biking will indeed tone your body. whether you want to lose weight, get fit or tone your body, cardio will help you achieve it. For persons that want to remain healthy, 150 minutes per week are recommended. However, if you want to lose weight, you will have to double that. To learn more about cardio exercises, visit here.

  • Resistance training;

Resistance training or rather weight training are exercises one does so as to strengthen their body. push-ups, squats, and chin-ups are some examples of weight training exercises. With resistance training, you can increase your endurance, body mass and tone up all at the same time. For beginners, doing 7 to 10 exercises per day is recommended. These exercises should be focused on the major muscles (back, shoulders, legs, etc.) of your body. visit this link to learn more about weight training.  

  • Yoga;

In yoga, one gets to learn to unite the body and the mind. As such, there is heightened attention to how your body feels. Arguably, yoga is non-injurious. It can be used for so many reasons. However, someone might stop and wonder if it really tones your body. yes. You can tone up your body with yoga. With power yoga, you can tone up your body as it has quicker movements as well as challenging postures. With power yoga, you will not only burn calories but also build muscle.

  • Detoxification;

Whenever we talk about body toning, one thing for sure comes to mind, a leaner you. A detoxification program will not only help you lose weight but also leave you with a healthier liver and kidneys. Toxins in our bodies affect how our bodies burn fat naturally. Due to this fact, one will most likely gain weight. When you detox, you get rid of these toxins and your body can regain its ability to burn fat naturally without any hiccups. For a detoxification program to be successful, one has to be extra careful on what he/she ingests.


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When it comes to tone up, exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand. It’s impossible to do one thing and fail to do another. With toning, comes many benefits. For a man, toning up will give you visible muscle definition while for a woman it will give you noticeable body shape. To get the best results, one must exercise regularly while at the same time being extra cautious on the kind of foods they take. Having done that, will not only leave your body fit and healthy but also improve your mental health. A toned body will attract loads of compliments. A toned body is healthy; a toned body is unquestionably attractive.

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