7 Ways To Make Your Kids Take Their Medicines


A child getting sick out of nowhere is probably the most common story of every household. They usually get well pretty quickly too. Thus, the whole affair shouldn’t be too tricky, right? 

Well, no, not really! 

Feeding medications to your kid can be a real challenge if they are too fussy about it. In some cases, pleading, begging, or even bribery doesn’t work in your case at all. 

However, there’s no need to go through such hardships if you keep a few tricks in your sleeves. Let’s learn more about it. 

How To Make Your Kid Take Their Medications? 

Using something tasty, such as the Gloup swallowing gel, can be an excellent way to make your kids take their medicine. However, if it doesn’t work out for you, you can try out any of the following tricks to get your “work” done efficiently. 

Offer Some Choices 

Taking medication isn’t really a choice if your child is feeling sick. However, you can offer them some simple options to let them know that they’re in control of the situation. It will make them feel much more comfortable and prompt them to collaborate with you.

Here are some of the choices that you can give to your kid in this regard – 

  • When will they take medicine? (after or before their favorite TV show)
  • How do they want to intake their medication? (from a cup or a syringe)
  • Where will they take it? (in their favorite room or at the kitchen table)

Sometimes, a toddler may also want to take medicine all by themselves. Regardless of what they want, make sure to supervise them all the time. 

Explain “The Reason”

In some cases, your kid may ask you why they should take medicine. If you want to avoid any further feud, we’d ask you to explain the reason behind such an action. 

This way, it will help you be more communicative with your toddler. If you’re successful in making them understand, you won’t have to tell them to take medicine anymore. 

Reward Your Kid 

Taking a bitter medication is, indeed, a “strenuous” task, especially for a picky child. Thus, if they end up doing the impossible, we think they deserve a reward for their bravery. 

The “prize” can be anything ranging from toffees to their favorite chocolates. However, for the sake of their health and your budget, we’d ask you to keep things as minimal as possible. 

Add Flavoring 

Sometimes, your kid might not want to take a medication solely due to its taste. Thus, if possible, you should ask the pharmacist if they can add a little bit of flavoring to it or not. 

You may also let your child select the flavor. It could help them feel a sense of control and take the medicines without making any fuss.

Try Choosing Options 

Whether you believe it or not, most kids hate taking capsules. Thus, make sure to ask the doctor if the same medicine has a liquid or chewable alternative. 

Usually, the liquid ones are pretty popular amongst kids. Nonetheless, the chewable options are pretty amazing as well, as you can feed them to your kid with food. 

Get Creative 

Doing some bland tricks sometimes doesn’t really go well with kids. Hence, we would ask you to get a little creative when it comes to feeding medicine to them. 

For example, your child uses a pacifier; you can try buying a medicine pacifier for them. This way, they will take medicine without even knowing anything about it. 

Cool It Up 

Some medications tend to taste a lot better when they are cold. Hence, you could try refrigerating the medicine or putting it on ice to make it a little more flavorful.

Technically, your kid’s tongue will also get numb when they’re taking medicine due to being cold. Thus, it will be almost impossible for them to sense its taste. 


Making your kid take their medicine on time can be pretty tricky. However, as a parent, you should never lose hope or temper in front of them. Instead, stay calm and try making them understand the benefits of the medication. However, if the sweet talk isn’t working for you, you can always get a little tricky!