7 Ways to Have a Healthy Sex Life if You Suffer from ED

Sex. You would be hard-pressed to find something a man would say is more important in his life That’s why when a man starts having performance issues in the bedroom, it can be beyond devastating. The first step is understanding what erectile dysfunction (ED) is.

What immediately comes to most people’s mind is total impotence and a complete lack of a sexual function. That isn’t always the case. ED is also the inability to maintain an erection during the whole time of an intimate moment, or nor getting as hard as one used to. Any of these can have a significant and negative impact on a couple’s sex life.

Most guys measure their self-worth on how good they are at sex. The sad thing is, when most guys start having trouble, they often shut down and refuse to admit to themselves that there is a problem. They’ll blame stress or work too much, and promise to do better next time.

ED can destroy a guy’s self-confidence, and cause severe problems in a relationship. It doesn’t have to be this way. There are several things a man can do to have a healthier sex life.

More Foreplay

Guys often focus a little too much on the wham-bam; thank you, ma’am aspect of intimacy. There is so much more to sex than the actual deed that is plenty fun. Extending foreplay, maybe a little roleplaying, or finding other ways to add a little fun and spice in the bedroom, like new toys, can make for great sex.

Talk to Your Partner

The most important sex organ is the brain. This is why good communication is key to a satisfying sex life. Not only will a more in-depth understanding and connection with your partner lead to deeper intimacy, but it will also make dealing with issues like ED easier to face and overcome. Talking may also lead to trying out some secret fantasies you may have been a little too embarrassed to share before.


Sometimes stress does lead to a bit of power failure in the love department. Not surprising considering sex always starts in the mind, and if the mind is too occupied or if a man feels beaten, those feelings can manifest in other ways other than a bad mood. Even if stress isn’t the actual culprit, cutting out stress will make all aspects of a man’s life better – including sex.

It isn’t always in the mind though. Excess weight, smoking, diabetes, and other problems with an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to erectile dysfunction. Cutting back on smoking and alcohol consumption, along with a better diet with regular exercise, especially high-intensity exercise, can increase a man’s testosterone level. Both sexual desire and performance.

See a Doctor

This is a good idea regarding general health anyhow but is often the best way to get help with ED. A doctor can help diagnose your specific problem, including things like low testosterone. They are also the ONLY people who can effectively treat and write prescriptions for drugs that are proven effective in helping with erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind that all those natural and herbal “male enhancement” pills sold over the late-night radio and the internet lack any serious amount of research into their effectiveness, and much of the time, their effectiveness is pure placebo.


If you rule out psychological reasons and physical aspects that can be addressed by hitting the gym and eating right, maybe a prescription is the right choice for you. Advances in medicine have made it possible to treat ED effectively and privately, without the need for cumbersome and mood-killing pumps. Some of these medicines aren’t cheap.

Thankfully, pharmacy discount plans and drug discounting websites can offer things like Viagra prescription savings.

Make Time for Your Partner

Work and other obligations can eat up a lot of a man’s time, and his partner’s time as well. It’s all too easy to let the important things fall by the wayside in the attempt to deal with more immediate concerns. The best workaround for this is to set aside time for sex and other intimate acts with your partner. Not only will this help you keep sex a regular fixture of life, but it will also make for stronger relationships, and can even be turned into a fun little game.


Both the effects and causes of ED often have an emotional component. While medications and adopting a healthier lifestyle can help, talking to a mental health professional can also help and maybe make those other steps more effective. Couples therapy may also be beneficial as a way for the both of you to confront this problem as a team. Getting those underlying issues out of the way can lead to deeper intimacy and better sex.