7 Questions You Should Ask Before Undergoing Liposuction in Asheville, NC

Asheville is the county seat of Buncombe County in North Carolina. It registered an estimated population of 92,452 in 2018, making it the 12th most populous city in the state. It has a healthy business climate and a robust healthcare industry, which includes plastic surgery.

Does your body fat bother you, and you want a safe way to get rid of it? You may consider undergoing liposuction, which is also called lipectomy and lipoplasty. If you wish to know about the procedure, you can consult a plastic surgeon in Asheville, NC.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure in plastic surgery to remove a subcutaneous fat layer or the fat beneath the skin in body parts where fat cannot be removed through diet or exercise. The operation is primarily done to enhance the appearance of a person rather than as a weight-loss strategy.

Liposuction continues to be popular in the United States. Based on data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were 258,558 patients who underwent liposuction in 2018. According to ASPS President Alan Matarasso, the procedure remains the gold standard in body shaping due to its efficiency, versatility, and effectiveness.

Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Liposuction

Before you pursue the procedure, you should ask several questions about the surgery to your plastic surgeon in Asheville, NC. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What parts of the body liposuction is performed? Surgeons usually perform the procedure in the abdomen, upper arms, chin and neck, buttocks, ankles, chest, calves, back, hips, and thighs. However, your surgeon can determine the best part for liposuction upon proper consultation
  • How to prepare for liposuction? Your plastic surgeon will instruct you several days before the procedure. What you should do is to ask a family member or a friend to accompany you to the surgical center. During the day of your operation, you’re usually not allowed to eat or drink 12 hours before the surgery.
  • How is the procedure performed? During the operation, you will be given general anesthesia to numb the pain. A small incision will be cut in your skin to insert the tool, called a cannula, to the fat pocket to suction fats in the body part.
  • What are the possible side effects? Some of the possible side effects of the procedure include inflammation, severe bruising, numbness, pulmonary embolism, and thrombophlebitis.
  • How to recover from the procedure? Recovery and postsurgical care depend on the body part treated and the amount of fat removed. However, a patient can usually resume all regular activities within 14-30 days.
  • What kind of results to expect? You cannot see the results of the procedure immediately as it will take weeks or months for the skin to tighten. There will also be some swelling shortly after the surgery.
  • How much is the cost of the procedure? The cost of the surgery depends on the scope of treatment. However, the average price is $35,000 per treatment.

Generally, liposuction is a safe procedure to remove unwanted fats in your body. However, you should ensure you are in good health, and you can afford it. To achieve the best results and avoid any complications, you should seek the services of certified plastic surgeons.