7 Popular Apps To Keep Your Calorie Intake In Check

Are you a foodie? If yes, then you will agree that it becomes impossible to resist yummy food, even when you know it will fill your system with unnecessary calories. At times, people consume high-calorie foods even without knowing about its calorie count. To prevent this, app developers offer several applications, which will record foods you eat and show how many calories you have acquired during the day.

  1. MyFitnessPal

Do you find it difficult to keep track of your daily calorie intake? Worry no more! Allow MyFitnessPal to take over this task, while you enjoy your life. The best part is you need not pay any money to download this application. Apart from offering details about the calorie consumption regularly, this app will also come in handy to measure your weight. The user will be able to maintain workout schedule and food log. At the end of the day, this app will highlight the total amount of calories; you have consumed over the hours. Linking the app with any workout machine is possible. It has an impressive database and will record what your favorite meal is. One can upload nutritional details about any packaged food by scanning its barcode. Wondering how? Well! MyFitnessPal also has an inbuilt barcode scanner.

Food Traking App

  1. Lose It!

Another app that will assist you to stay in shape, by tracking consumed calories is Lose It! If you require the calorific details of any food, then all you need to do is search it from Lose It! database, scan it or just take a picture of the food with it. As soon as the photo has been uploaded, the application will try to match it with over 7 million recorded details to offer you the most accurate calorie count. You may record calorie data on the daily or weekly basis. Weight loss or gain will be shown in the form of graphs. The ordinary version is free, but you must pay $39.99 for the premium version. If you are not with modern tech, then you may find it rather challenging for navigation. You will not be able to get details about micronutrient consumption.

  1. FatSecret

If you love to eat out, then you need to keep FatSecret app handy at all times. Apart from working like the previous two applications, you can use this to track calorie count of dishes served at restaurants. It also offers the advantage of comparing data to ensure that the calorie count is accurate. In case you are on low card diet, this app will measure your net carb consumption as well. At the end of each month, you will be able to get a diet summary for 30 days. Users can motivate themselves by taking part in closed group challenges and activities. Apart from this, you can search for details, info, and tips on food and other topics.

Food Tracking App

  1. Cron-o-meter

This calorie tracker application will run on Android as well as iPhone OS. No fee is charged for entering the site. If you want to download the app, then you have to shell out $3 each month. Apart from tracking your daily calorie count, you can measure the amount of trace elements and micronutrients in your body. It is rather easy to keep a close watch on weight and calorie consumption. It will offer different diet recommendations according to the diet the person is following. It is one of the most user-friendly apps available in the market.

  1. SparkPeople

Whether you like spending hours on the jogging tracks, in your comfy Nike training shoes, or wish to relax on the yoga mat, this app will help you in recording your activities, weight changes, diet and calorie details and fitness goals. Apart from calories, it will also show how much fat, carb or protein you regularly consume. It also comes with barcode scanning facility and uploading new recipes is too easy. One has to upgrade the account to gain access to food database continually. Once you log on to the site, you can check out workout demonstration videos, healthy recipes, news and facts about health. These will help in busting any misconception that you may have.

Food Tracking App

  1. Fooducate

This application is popular among people of all ages. It is not due to its vast food database, but mainly due to its smooth operations. This is a free application and will assist you to make a well-maintained chart that has details of all your activities, diet routine, calorie consumption and fat intake. Correctly analyzing these details will allow you to chart a potent routine that will not only shield you from extra calorie intake but will also check your body weight from crossing the maximum mark.

  1. Nutrition Menu

Several calorie tracking apps have been developed for iPhones, but none is as useful as the Nutrition Menu app. Users need to pay $1.959 to download this application. If you are on PointsPlus diet, then you will be able to use this app. 100,000+ food details are available on the database of this application. Its inbuilt exercise list contains as many as 149 activities.

Food Tracking App

These advanced applications can be downloaded on the smartphones. Another option is going for the smartwatches. These have calorie trackers and physical activity monitors installed inside. All you need to do is wear it on your wrist and go about your daily work. At the end of the day, you will get a detailed report of how many calories you have successfully burnt. But these will not offer detailed info regarding how many calories you are consuming. There are other applications, and these have been developed for smartphones only. Don’t think that these are replacements for dieticians. They are specialists and have better info on the subject. These apps will help you stay away from too much calorie intake. So, get hold of any of these seven applications, and embark on the journey to acquire a slim and fit body.