7 Different Kinds of Twins You Need to Know

For a long time, the birth and life of twins have dazzled us. From getting confused between the striking face and body similarity to imagining the perfect coordination in their actions, we’ve always tried to find something strange and interesting about twins. Moreover, we have been spoilt by the way the entertainment industry has time and again ruined the concept for us to meet their own needs. So, today we’ll be reading about everything factual. Medical science had identified 7 different kinds of twins as mentioned below:

  1. Identical Twins

In Identical twins, the fertilized egg divides into two separate individuals who are genetically identical. Thus, both born are of the same sex.

  1. Fraternal Twins

These twins develop from 2 different sets of egg & sperm. These are twins that are male and female or can also have the same gender. These are genetically similar like any other sibling and may also share similarities in appearance any brother or sister within the same family.

  1. Half-Identical Twins

These develop when two sperms fertilize a single egg, forming a triploid, which then splits to form two embryos. These twins have the same maternal genes and share only 50% of their paternal genes. As they share some features of identical twins and some of the fraternal twins, they are called half-identical twins.

  1. Mirror Image Twins

These are a type of identical twins who have the same sex and blood type. Mirror twins are called so because when they face each other, they appear as matching reflections. In mirror twins, the split of the fertilized egg takes place later than usual, i.e. between 7 to 12 days after fertilization.

  1. Mixed Chromosome Twins

This occurs when two separate sperms fertilize two separate eggs which ultimately fuse, producing individuals with different sets of chromosomes. This is one of rarest types of twins being born. Some studies suggest that these individuals can even have more than one type of red blood cells.

6. Twins Born of Superfetation

This is a rare occurrence of twins being born when an already pregnant woman becomes pregnant again.

It happens when a woman falls pregnant on one menstrual cycle, then undergoes another menstrual cycle, where a second egg also gets fertilized in a different instance of physical intimacy, almost weeks apart.

     7.Twins Born of Superfecundation

Ever knew that twins could have different fathers? Imagine a case where a woman has two partners and similar to the superfetation case above, two different eggs get fertilized, each by the different man’s sperm. It is like a unique case where the twins are also half-siblings, sharing the same womb to develop but having a different father.

I think this might have been an eye-opening read for you but always remember that ultimately children born should be happy and healthy. For a mother, it is just about having two beautiful babies. Shed all your oddities around the concept of twins as it all happens at the body level and be easily explained by science. Some people say that there are natural means to have twins but I’m not too sure to comment on it.