7 Awesome Healthy School Lunch Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Having trouble getting your kids to eat more healthy foods? Here are some awesome school lunch ideas to help you sneak some nutrition into their diets.

Tired of giving your kids the same sandwichs for their school lunch? Are you looking for school lunch ideas that are both healthy and fun?

Fortunately, there is a myriad of options available. You don’t have to sacrifice great taste for healthy snacks or vice versa. Now you can get both and not have to rely on the same dish twice.

We’ve got a list of 7 great lunch ideas you and your kids can try out today:

1. Quesadillas

To start with this list of school lunch ideas, let’s dive with one of the likely alternatives to the usual sandwich. The quesadilla works well as a lunch item that kids enjoy without it being piping hot.

Consider having quesadillas along with tortilla chips or guacamole. You may also have some pineapple chunks and avocado slices along with it too.

2. Pizza Pancakes

Pizza pancakes are amazing since they offer quick preparation and fun preparation. This is great for kids looking for more than a sandwich.

It’s an interesting dish that brings out the fun in combining pancakes with the excitement and flavor of pizza.

3. Deli Meat Roll-Ups

Back to the lunch box, you can also go for roll-ups. You can use deli meats like turkey, roast beef, or ham. Once you have your deli meat of choice, take a few slices and wrap them around cheese sticks or greens for a nice mix.

Pack this with some whole-wheat pretzels, apple slices, and celery for a nice touch.

4. Hard-Boiled Eggs Combo

This combo can be easy to prepare and is still something delicious kids will enjoy. That said, hard-boiled eggs come to life when packed with other lunch items. 

In this case, have some peaches packed along with it. Include baby carrots with ranch dressing and some pretzels. With this setup, the lunch box sports a touch of variety to it.

Don’t forget to slice the eggs in half.

5. Onigiri (Japanese Riceballs)

In Japan, the onigiri happens to be one of the notable lunch items when on the go, enjoyed by both students and office workers alike. You can give this riceball a spin to give your kids a different kind of lunch.

The idea behind the onigiri centers on riceballs filled with fish. When packing the lunchbox with some onigiri, you can also include some other treats to it, like raspberries for something sweet.

6. Hummus and Pita Plate

Putting hummus and pita bread together can be a formidable combination and something that kids love. Push hummus into the spotlight, centering it as the main theme of the lunch box.

Consider packing these food items as well for this lunch box: salami, baby tomatoes, grapes, carrots, and olives.

7. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa stands as an alternative to rice in some diet plans. Consider mixing in meats, veggies, and cheeses that the kids love into the plain quinoa.

Once you have done that, add a light dressing of some basic vinaigrette and you have a quinoa salad that your kid would love. You can add pear slices on the side as well

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Make it Fun and Healthy with These School Lunch Ideas

With these school lunch ideas, you equip your children with fun and healthy meals that would replenish their energy for the day. Try your hand at these creative ideas and explore some more for you to tinker with.

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