6 Signs You Might Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone, a hormone produced in your testicles, plays an important role in your sperm production and sex drive. It is also crucial to your muscle mass and hair growth. Unfortunately, your testosterone levels decline by one percent every year after the age of thirty. This can result in some side-effects and symptoms, which could be uncomfortable, to say the least.

If low testosterone levels are affecting your quality of life, you can opt for testosterone replacement therapy from Honolulu Men’s Vitality MD. But how will you know that you need this treatment? Here are some signs you have low testosterone.

Decreased Libido

Testosterone plays a crucial role in your sex drive or libido. If you notice any changes in your sex drive or realize it through a discussion with your partner, you should consider seeking professional help. A specialist can treat any testosterone imbalances to restore your libido.

That said, you should note that it is not unusual for your sex drive to decrease with age. Always get a professional’s opinion before diagnosing the cause as low testosterone.

Difficulty Getting or Maintaining an Erection

Even if you maintain your sex drive, low testosterone may make it difficult for you to get or maintain an erection. This is because, although it is not what causes an erection, testosterone stimulates receptors in your brain to produce the chemical necessary for this function.

This symptom might present as erectile dysfunction, which could be an uncomfortable topic of discussion for most men. Nonetheless, a simple conversation with your doctor could fix your problem.

Decreased Semen Output

Testosterone is responsible for regulating semen production in the body. If you notice a reduction in your semen output, you might have low testosterone. Still, it is important to discuss the possibility of underlying causes with your doctor before making a conclusion.


It is normal to feel tired after a long day of exertion. But what if you are too groggy to function even after getting 8 hours of sleep? In a good number of cases, fatigue and reduced energy levels in men are hormone related. They could be fixed with testosterone replacement therapy.

Increase in Body Fat

An increase in body fat is often accompanied by a loss in muscle mass. It happens when your body stops building muscle, and the food you eat is instead stored as fat. In some instances, you could even begin to develop breast tissue, which is caused by a testosterone-estrogen imbalance.

Loss of Bone Density

Osteoporosis is more prevalent in women than in men. However, some studies have shown that men with low testosterone levels are more likely to develop lower bone volume than those with normal hormone levels.

Seek Professional Advice

The decline of testosterone levels after you reach thirty is usually not a cause for alarm until it affects your quality of life. If it does, you could benefit from testosterone replacement. The treatment is cumulative, with the most significant results appearing at the one-month mark. With it, you will begin to notice an improvement in your sex drive, energy levels, and muscle mass.

If you wish to learn more about this treatment and its benefits, you can schedule an appointment at Men’s Vitality MD to discuss your needs with a specialist.