5 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Everyone knows that dogs need exercise and a healthy diet, but so do humans too. Owning a dog is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy nature. Plus, you can also incorporate fitness into your daily routine. 

Take a look at easy ways to exercise with your furry friends:

1. Walking 

One of the easiest and most popular forms of exercise for both you and your dog is walking. It’s free and straightforward and gets you both out of the house. Walking is a great way to help relax your mind and distract you from the daily routine. Plus, it keeps you in shape and provides a regular routine for your beloved pet. 

2. Jogging or running 

Another popular activity is jogging or running with your dog. Dogs love burning off energy; however, it is essential to remember that they can also get injuries, just like humans. Some dogs will need to on a leash that is attached to you, and this can also be challenging if they are not used to running alongside you. You can train your dog to run or jog with you. Check out these healthy treats at ceebeedoo.com to encourage them.

3. Agility training 

If you have an energetic dog, agility training is an excellent way for you both enjoy exercise. Obstacle courses give your dog a chance to use their muscles and brain to get around the course. Plus, you’ll be running alongside your dog to guide them and give encouragement. These courses are great for working dogs as they have natural instincts, which are easier to train. However, it’s also helpful to consider their joints and age, as this type of exercise can be a strain on their body. 

4. Yoga 

Dog yoga or doga is now a ‘thing,’ and what better way to get you both in the Zen mind-frame than this exercise. There are classes you can take and meet other pooches, or you can try it at home if you think your dog might get a bit distracted. This calming but stimulating exercise is beneficial for both dogs and owners. Plus, it is a great way to unwind after walking or running. 

5. Hiking

What dog doesn’t love an adventure! Hiking is a great way to take longer, more challenging walks if your dog is up to it. If you’re going off-grid, be sure to bring water and the essentials with you for both yourself and the dog. Plus, mapping out the route first is a great way to ensure its safe for everyone before getting out and about. In some instances, dogs will be required to be on a leash and ensuring they understand vital commands can keep them out of danger.

Ideally, dogs should get out for exercise at least once a day. If you have more energetic dogs, they will need a lot of stimulation, and exercising with their owner is a great way to release some energy. If you’re new to more strenuous exercise, be sure to take it slow at the beginning, so everyone enjoys the experience.